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Why Organizing Your Pinterest Will Inspire Your Life

Pinterest Organize Olivia Quinlan

Pinterest Organize Olivia Quinlan

Pinterest Organize Olivia Quinlan

Pinterest Organize Olivia Quinlan

Pinterest Organize Olivia Quinlan


I’m obsessed with Pinterest, always have been. Anyone else? You’re lying if you said no. I swear there’s something so soothing about going through the millions of pictures and links and DIY’s and hacks and “inspo”; if I’m not careful I get lost. It’s my kind of search platform, hell, I think I use it more than google! It’s great for people like me who need inspiration to be inspired (yes I meant to write that) because I incorporate design and creativity daily, sometimes I need a little kick to get the wheels turning. Pinterest does that for me.

This post isn’t actually about how Pinterest ‘beautifies’ *eye roll* my life or anything like that. It’s actually about how it’s gotten me to do some simple life things that I’ve needed to do for a while. You guys should try it. Go to Pinterest’s home or organization section or just your regular feed and see what it does. Especially this time of year when you need a refresh on LIFE. Basically, I’m going to finish the sentence: “Cleaning out my Pinterest inspired me to…”

Clean Out My Actual Closet.

This one seems obvious but I was actually surprised how much I got out of organizing my Pinterest and the thousands of pins I had been collecting since the year I graduated high school in 2010. I slimmed down my pins and grouped them into sub-boards. I felt like I was cleaning out my closet and getting rid of clothes I had in high school. I was going through these pins of girls in Lilly Pulitzer dresses that I saved during my “I want to be a southern preppy girl because it’s trendy” phase and thought, oh my gosh I still have a blouse similar to that… WHY. So, I realized hmm, time to get rid of some things. By the way, why is it so hard for girls to do it and why does it take them 5 years, and why is our natural instinct to hoard ugly clothes? Asking for a friend………

Get Back to Writing

I was doing research on how to grow a blog before I really jumped in and found that Pinterest is the number one way to grow a following for your blog or website via, well, Pinterest. Once I pinned one they all popped up on my Pinterest feed and next thing I knew I was reading all of these inspirational posts on how to grow a network and how to write to grab attention and then I realized, plain and simple, I just want to write. The pins that have an actual link to a blog or e-mag can keep you for hours but at the same time, for me, inspire the hell out of you. You’re reading, reading, reading, and then you’re like, I know how to do this, I need to do this! Not for anyone, but for yourself. I believe there’s no better therapy than expression and design. Writing encompasses both.

And last but not least…

Figure Out My Home Style

Between Pinterest, Instagram, and Houzz I pretty much stalk interior design trends. I have boards on boards, I’ve “saved” grams galore and an entire Houzz account (who even uses Houzz?!) dedicated to saving what I love, to use later as ‘inspo.’ There are so many it became overwhelming and wasn’t sure what I really liked. Since organizing my Pinterest, when I go to reference my kitchen or living area “pins” I’m actually only looking through images and inspiration that I 100% love, and, can and will most likely use as reference and inspiration. They are also usable pins for my followers that have similar taste. They aren’t crazy ultra-mod homes or extremely minimal designs where it’s clear that no one actually lives in them. They are realistic, but beautiful, with varying ideas that I love and can pull from. I think what I would call my style is urban farmhouse with a more relaxed, modern aesthetic. All my pins are clean, airy and simple. There’s something so homey and refreshing to me about a space or room feeling minimal with favorite features such as wood accents or gold fixtures added in subtly, to warm everything up. Now I have my head in the game as I gear up to design, well, a whole house. I want it to feel uniform and I want the design to flow from room to room.

Phew! See people, it can transform you. It’s a perfect time, it’s spring cleaning, summer is right around the corner, and we all know it’s never a bad time to organize and get inspired! Sorry, going down corny road, but seriously try it! Business, style inspo, travel, whatever you are taking on in the next few weeks it will get the juices flowing. Does anyone else use it as much as I do? Or am I just a weirdo?

Follow me on Pinterest, always looking for friends!

Xo Liv

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      Thank you so much!!! ♡♡♡

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