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Why I Started Using The Ordinary Skincare

Why I Started Using The Ordinary Skincare


This post could get extensive. There is so much to say about this brand, the products, the company, etc. So, I figured the best way to explain would be all of the reasons that made me start solely using their line of products and all of the reasons one year later I can’t imagine not using them. If you follow my Instagram you’ve seen that I post stories of the pretty little bottles regularly. This is simply because they are a brand I’m obsessed with and want to get the word out about because of the dramatic change it has made in my beauty routine and lifestyle. So, without further ado, each and every reason why I started using The Ordinary skincare a year ago and haven’t looked back.


The 4 Reasons Why I Started Using The Ordinary Skincare

The Background & Mission

I first discovered that The Ordinary existed through The Everygirl and this article that they posted when the brand was starting to make a name for itself. I was very intrigued by the minimal packaging, the pricing, and I trust everything on theeverygirl.com. So, naturally, I needed to learn more.

I have always listened to the podcast Breaking Beauty, a podcast hosted by longtime beauty editors Carlene Higgins and Jill Dunn who talk all about beauty and skincare and the industry itself. I knew there had to be an episode on The Ordinary. The first one they did about The Ordinary was with the owner, creator, mastermind behind the skincare line, Brandon Truaxe. I highly suggest listening to this episode to get an idea of just how passionate and smart he was (unfortunately he did pass away shortly after I started using it in January of 2019) and why he wanted to create this line.

Backing up a bit, Brandon first started by creating Deciem, “The Abnormal Beauty Company” in 2013. It is the umbrella company for all of his skincare lines, which includes The Ordinary. It quickly became the most successful because it was an innovative, new technique to skincare. The products were not like most in the skincare world because they had no added synthetic fragrances, unnecessary packaging, extensive branding or costly marketing strategies behind them. Instead, the formulas and ingredients are sold in the simplest of forms. Named exactly as their scientific name, it’s ensured that all were “clinical formulations with integrity.” What you see/read on the label is exactly what you get.

This floored me. A concept so simple, yet so unheard of. I started to think of even the cleanest skincare lines I knew of. Even the best ones still had fancy names that might tell you what the mask or moisturizer is or does, but do you really know what you are putting on your face? Sure, read the fine print on the elaborate label and you can figure it out, but how amazing is it to see “Hyaluronic Acid 2% B5 Serum” as the name of the product. I need hyaluronic acid because my skin is dry, oh, I found it. Basically, it wasn’t your typical development using recipes that have been used over and over again only this time let’s add vanilla instead of lavender to produce yet another unnecessary and unneeded skincare line based on the sole merit of making money. It’s a brand that was created by someone passionate enough about skin, passionate enough to create it the right way.


Minimal Branding, Intentional Packaging

As you can see, the look and feel of each bottle and tube are intentionally simple and minimal. Society’s influence on the skincare industry to have frilly packaging and overly designed labels, and fancy names for each and every product costs brands so much money. Add in the cost of marketing, whether it’s through ads, websites, influencer partnerships, or commercials, the wholesale cost of the product rises. It’s actually where the majority of the reason for such expensive pricing in the skincare industry comes from. So, Brandon knew that to keep the price down he had to go with basic packaging and no marketing.

Nevertheless, the design is still amazing. It reflects the brand and the mission. It is more functional than any other I’ve come across before. I mean, the eyedropper tool is just the best. Plus, the sizes of everything are perfect. The neutral colors reflect the pureness of the products. I could go on and on. Basically, it proves that you don’t need all of the overdone packaging and marketing. But I know you’re wondering the most important thing as to why I started using The Ordinary skincare and never looked back, does it actually work?


Why I Started Using The Ordinary Skincare

Why I Started Using The Ordinary Skincare


It Works

Of course it works! The reason why I started using The Ordinary skincare in the first place is actually not because of the message or branding or pricing. Actually it was because I figured the purity of the product and the ability to concoct my own regimen was worth a shot.

You know your skin better than anyone so why not try to come up with a routine based on what you know what works and what doesn’t. My skin is dry, I was in the sun way too much as a kid, and starting around age 21 I began to worry about acne. It was usually that one stubborn pimple that would develop to be a huge, deep, one. I would pick at and try to pop until there was a scab on my face. I hated it so much and knew I had to figure it out.

I can proudly say after a year of using retinol at night I haven’t had one single breakout that’s truly affected my confidence or self-esteem. I get little ones but that has definitely been the biggest transformation by implementing The Ordinary in my routine. As well, I’ve learned how to hydrate appropriately through hyaluronic acid and vitamin c. I’ve learned more about my skin. I’ve learned more about the products and chemicals in skincare. Experimenting has been fun actually and figuring out what my own system is has been extremely satisfying.

WARNING: You must do your research. Certain chemicals, acids, and products should not be mixed or paired together. You should always do patch testing prior. But, that’s not to scare you. If you are thorough and aware you’ll be fine, and hopefully, find that it’s the best beauty move you’ve ever made!

The Price

This is something you may have already noticed, or maybe I gave it away, but the final reason why I started using The Ordinary skincare was the price. I was willing to try it prior but when I saw how much a bottle of Retinol costs it was the cherry on top. I mean almost everything is below $11!!! How insane right?! Even the foundations, cleanser, primers etc. It’s almost unbelievable.

Stock up and try things out. Be sure to have The Ordinary’s website open so that you are staying safe with it. The line is sold in Sephora and Ulta if you want to go right now! You know it’s good if Sephora carries a line that is so inexpensive right?!

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Let me know!!

I’ve changed up my routine a few times but at this point, I know my basics and what really works best. If you guys want to know what I do I’d be happy to share in a separate post! However, as I mentioned before, everyone’s skin is so different that you really should try to figure out your perfect regimen on your own! I seriously can’t wait to find out who already knows about The Ordinary or if you are going to try!! I’m so excited to finally have this post written and up! I am by no means affiliated with the company but simply just promoting a product and brand I stand behind!


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