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The Modern Boho Bedroom Styled 3 Ways

Finally! Interior design is back on OliviaQuinlan.com! I haven’t talked about it much, but yes, I have moved back to my home town of Rochester! I am now in the process of decorating the carriage house I now live in with my uber-talented (but feisty) interior designer of a sister. Surprisingly we vibe super well, have very similar tastes, and without even having to explain what we mean when describing the exact type, color, and coffee table we need to find, the other one just gets it. Sister telepathy? Not sure, I just know that we are definitely cut from the same cloth, and we both know interiors, so it works. First, though, I’m focusing on my room starting with how to style the modern boho bedroom.

Style The Modern Boho Bedroom

I find it to be a trend that is both versatile, but difficult, because one wrong move and you’ve shifted to mid-century-modern, or Scandinavian. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all styles of interiors but somehow modern boho is the perfect sweet-spot for me. It feels clean, crisp, but also light, airy, and not so serious. There’s a warmth to the style that draws me in. I think your home, and especially your bedroom, should always feel welcoming, comfortable and a place you actually want to relax in.

When it comes to the actual style of the modern boho bedroom, layering and textures is the key component. What better place to create layers of different texture then, well, a bed? It’s a great style that, as you’ll see if you keep reading, is actually very versatile. There isn’t one look, one way to style the modern boho bedroom but as long as you use certain color combinations and textures it’s easily accomplished.


Product Linked Mockups

So, I thought I’d share my process with you as I go about styling this space. Just as I do for my interior consulting clients, I always create a mockup with liked products I can afford and would buy. It helps me visualize, and see if what I’m planning it my head actually does work, but also keeps it organized on where I can purchase everything when I have it right. Below are the options I came up with for my modern boho bedroom. All three are what I consider different routes to take in order to achieve this specific style.


Super Boho

This first bedroom is very clearly leaning towards the “boho” side of things. The clean curtains and bedspread, paired with the neutral textured rug, light wood tones and a touch of brass are what you’d define modern boho to be. The simplicity is modern, but the layering boho. The brass is modern, but the wood tones, boho. This mockup was the easiest and most obvious way to accomplish a “modern boho bedroom”.


A Touch of Drama

Now, if we want to go with the more modern end of the spectrum, we do this. This mockup brings in the color you’d never usually consider to be in the same category of boho: black. The most dramatic color for any interior. However, it CAN be done. As long as you stick to the basics: neutrals, textures, wood tones etc, you stick to modern boho, with an ultra-modern twist. The black in the bed and the palm leaf prints bring masculinity, but putting them amongst the colors and textures that are still very bohemian brings the drama.


The Contrast

I love this one because of the rich wood tones with the rattan accents, pure white decor with slight hints of black. It somehow has the right balance of everything that encompasses how to style the modern boho bedroom. The only touch, to me, that is missing are those lighter wood tones. So I, in fact, find it to be the least “modern boho” of them all.


I want to know which one is your favorite? What would you change? Comment below!! And stay tuned for the next part of my room– the organization. Is it weird that I might be more excited about that part??? (#nerdalert) And follow on Instagram for in between updates!

Remember, everything is linked by clicking on the products in the images!

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