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Spotify Playlists You Need for Staying Home


Spotify Playlists for Staying Home

Spotify Playlists for Staying Home

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Considering its day sixty-something of quarantining ourselves, it’s probably safe to assume everyone has fallen into their new daily rhythm and routine. I don’t prefer to have the TV on all day but instead, Spotify Playlists of all kinds are playing through my AirPods beginning with my morning workout, through to the evening. Depending on my mood, activities, or if my sister and I agree on something to universally play from our smart TV, the music itself varies.

Spotify has been and always will be my main music platform. Spotify seems to be the most user friendly for finding truly unique playlists that are also sooo on point for everything. It doesn’t take hours of searching for the perfect playlist. Actually, you can type in some ridiculous thing, and either someone out there has made that ridiculous themed playlist already or Spotify gets your vibes and pulls matching ones. It’s basically how I’ve found all of my personal favorite Spotify playlists as well as guided me in curating my own.

I thought I would share with you all the ones I love for staying home as well as what I’ve made recently that keep my head right. Personally, I have tried to keep a certain upbeat vibe because this time isn’t the easiest. I’ll be the first to admit it’s been a roller coaster of emotions, and keeping positive hasn’t been the easiest. So, I put on music that works with what I’m currently doing, but also that will keep my spirit up.

I’d love to hear all of yours in return? Leave it in the comments or on my Instagram. I’m forever looking for all the best music vibes!


My Favorite Spotify Playlists

For Working Out:

Party Workout (My Own)

In a Past Life

Beast Mode

For Cooking:

WeWoreWhat for Bandier

Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra

80’s Rock Anthems

For Working From Home:

Chill EDM

Billie Eilish Radio

The Parent Trap (1998) Soundtrack


For the Shower:

Workout by Joelle Rinaldi (My BFF!)

Rap Caviar

Tailgate Party


For Cleaning:

Dance Favorites!

Workout Country 2

Queen Radio


For Cloudy Days:

Back When Radio

Avicii Tribute

Fifty Shades Freed (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


For Sunny Days:

Ty’s Summer Country Playlist

The Obama’s Summer Favorites

Dave Matthew’s Band Live

For Happy Hour:

Pop Party

Summer Hits

Get Turnt


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