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Places You Probably Forgot to Spring Clean

Places You Probably Forgot to Clean With White and Wood Blog

Places You Probably Forgot to Clean With White and Wood Blog

Places You Probably Forgot to Clean Kitchen


I can almost, maybe, hopefully feel spring right around the corner. The anticipation for warmer weather, some color to the earth, and birds chirping in the morning is real. What’s also real is the anxiousness to spring clean. Anyone else or am I just a freak?! Anyways, spring cleaning is not the typical tidying of the house that you (should) do weekly. It’s the nitty-gritty kind of cleaning your house deserves after keeping you warm, safe and snuggled all winter. But like seriously, think about how many nights you spent snuggled on the couch with popcorn, and all the kernels probably under your cushions. Yeah… never thought of that did you? Well, don’t worry, I’m here to make sure you tackle all the places you probably forgot to spring clean in each room of your home.


All the Places You Probably Forgot to Spring Clean, Room By Room


The Living Area

While we are talking about couches and popcorn kernels, I figure we’ll start with the living room. Besides under the couch cushions (and I guess you get two places) another spot you’ll want to get the vacuum to is underneath the coffee table. Think about it, it’s the center of your room and used for so many activities.  Chip bowls during football games, a Lego-building table, the desk of an artist, a mountain top for the power ranger figurines, a catch-all for finished snack wrappers, and more. Being that this room is the center of your home, and this piece of furniture is typically obtrusive enough to hide what may fly under it unknowingly, it definitely counts as your living area’s sneakiest messy place.


Places You Probably Forgot to Clean With White and Wood Blog




Now the kitchen might seem daunting because you’re probably thinking there are a hundred different places you forgot to spring clean. But actually the spots your roll-a-dexing in your head right now thinking “could it be that” or “maybe it’s in there” are not what I’m about to say. Bet ya’ anything! So, you know where it gets super dusty and grimy? Above your cabinets, range hood or microwave. Swipe one finger and you’ll be grossed out to the max. Like, I clean in here, what?! Don’t worry, it’s nothing a good dusting and wipe down can’t fix. And don’t skip the wipe down, dusting only goes so far. Make sure your sanitizing too.



Let’s move on to the bedroom because this one correlates with the dining room. Most bedrooms have fans, right? Okay, so you see where I’m going with this. Ceiling fans aren’t a focal piece or center of attention like the dining room chandelier, so this one might make you feel a bit better about yourself; it’s really not so obvious– still sneaky though. I use my Swiffer Dusters Heavy Duty Super Extender Handle Starter Kit to get the top of the blades, and again I dust the light bulbs and polish any light covers. Otherwise, come spring and that first warm night you’ll quickly have flashbacks of snow falling due to dust flying through the air. That my friends could scar a person, so don’t let it happen.


Places You Probably Forgot to Clean hallway

Places You Probably Forgot to Clean hallway

Places You Probably Forgot to Clean hallway



So this is probably one of my favorite spots to clean, and I do it more often than just for spring cleaning because I have white walls and any dirt or dust just seems to be more prevalent. I know you’re probably thinking any frames or artwork because that’s the most common decor in hallways. But its not the panes of framed pictures. Think lower. Yes, the baseboards! I think I love cleaning them so much because they are so sneaky and my having clean baseboards just makes me feel clean-er. Again, (yes it’s an obsession) I use my extendable swifter and just drag it along.


Dining Room

Of all the rooms in your house, which one probably has a light fixture as a centerpiece to the decor of the room? You guessed it, the dining room! Dingdingding! So, then why would you let something that is noticed first, looked at the most often, and is front and center while you eat, get covered in dust bunnies? Hint, there’s no good answer. A good clean consists of removing any glass shades are the bulbs, polishing them, dusting the bulbs and the framework of the chandelier. DON’T FORGET: thoroughly wipe down your table afterward!!





Just clean the darn vanity already. Take everything out, wipe down all the cupboards, drawers, shelves. This is where you store what you put on your body and face. Make sure they are in a sanitized space. This might be more of an avoided place than a sneaky one, but your brain probably blocks it out so I’m going to consider it sneaky. If you keep your products organized in bins, wipe those down. Wipe down the handles and hardware so that you aren’t putting germs and dirt on your face after opening up the cabinet. It might seem obvious now that I said it, but did you really think of that when you were doing your typical Saturday morning cleaning?



Make it Fun!

Clearly, the obsession (with cleaning) is real over here. I genuinely enjoy it and take pride in keeping a rather clean house. At the same time, I understand that it can be daunting. I try to make it fun with music or getting “creative”, like this, finding the sneakiest places you probably forgot to spring clean. It becomes more like a game than a chore. Plus, think of how good it feels after completion. Straight up amazing if you ask me. Cleaning might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and even if it’s not I hope you still think of this post next time you have to clean that bathroom!


Xx! Liv


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