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One Room Challenge Week 1 – The Plan of Action

From the first time I learned about the One Room Challenge, I have wanted to participate. I thought my personal master bedroom design project would be perfect for the challenge. I plan to showcase the process on my personal Instagram (linked here) because that’s where I’ve always showcased my home and projects, but also here on the QDC blog because I plan to get into the nitty-gritty of transforming a space through interior design.


About My Project:

I am planning to update the master bedroom in an old Victorian, built-in 1902. There are beautiful features in the home such as woodwork, high ceilings, and the original 1″ oak floors. I plan to take those and showcase them in a more modern, updated aesthetic.
I love the historic aspect of older homes, but I also love modern design. For the master bedroom, I’m staying true to my go-to style of French Modern meets Mediterranean, with a splash of boho (kind of sounds like a delicious cocktail). Rustic, vintage, bright, clean, and earthy all balanced with avant-garde pieces and aged brass.


The Before:

Here is what the room looks like now. I still can’t comprehend the green and yellow.
ORC Master Bedroom Before
ORC Master Bedroom Before
ORC Master Bedroom Before
Somehow I only have a video of what the closet looks like, which is going to be an added part of this job: IMG_1167


The Plan of Action:

The scope of construction work prior to styling will be:
– Refinishing the hardwoods
– Painting
– Updating light fixtures
– Adding wall moldings
– Adding wall paneling
– Build out a custom closet solution


The After:

Finally, when it comes to styling, I knew the whole time how I wanted space to feel when you entered. Earthy, textured, layered, but minimal and especially calm. The below elements were my direction.
Playing off of those I’ve sourced everything in the above image to tie together what I imagine as the end product. This is what I plan the final room to look like, or as close to it as possible.
Over the next 8 weeks, I’ll be dissecting the project here. Each week will be tackling a different step or piece to the overall design process. I can’t WAIT to share this journey and I truly hope you all enjoy the process as much as I do.
Feel free to ask any questions along the way.
See you next week! – Liv

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