Naples Girls Trip + How My BFF Transitioned Her (Very) Northern Style to the South of Florida

Okay, so I’m sitting here writing about last weekend’s girls trip to Naples while in the airport as we are getting this weekends adventure underway. So far as shit is hitting the fan on this current trip (I’ll fill you in later) looking back to last weekend is nice, and I’m so glad I got some quality BFF time.

Joelle’s New Found Florida Style

My girlfriend and I traveled to Naples to visit our other best friend who has recently moved down there. It is just getting into the rainy season and it did in fact rain the whole damn time. But, what can you do, it was nice to just do girl things like shop and hang out and go to get food and drinks.

But, because it was so dreary we were inside quite a bit, which was absolutely fine considering how cute, clean, cozy and tastefully decorated her apartment is. She is a full-on northern chick, so far hates Florida but fits right in with the bougie-ness of Naples. So, it was interesting to see how she has transitioned her style to be very coastal glam (if that’s even a real phrase) for their modern, airy, apartment. She kept her style such as mirrored furniture, mixed metals, and plush, luxurious textures. Then she said she wanted to mix in some color because “I mean, it’s Florida” — those were her words exactly, and if you know Joelle and how she feels about living in Florida I’m sure you can just imagine her rolling her eyes as she says it. Anyways, the apartment is light and gray, so she complimented with bright blues, yellows, and touches of pink. She even mixed in some copper in the kitchen to go with the dark wood cabinets and stainless appliances, adding a sense of color to her kitchen. It reminds me of her style when it comes to fashion. She stays true to her roots in neutrals (people from where we are from tend not to wear many colors) but every once in a while depending on the occasion or location she’ll mix it up. Should I ask her where she got anything/everything? Let me know in the comments!

Naples Fun

It was a great weekend with the girls frolicking around getting our nails done and talking about weddings and our jobs and boys and whatever else girls can talk about for hours on end. Below are some of the places we went including my FAVORITE decorated out-door patio (besides any I’ve seen in Italy). The Continental in Naples is straight up gorgeous, and seriously covers all of the different types of decor that I love. It’s gardeny and rustic but the chandeliers add a sense of grandeur and the hanging wine dispensers, trendy. It was a fab trip despite the rain and I love my besties to death. Here’s a roundup of where we went if you’re ever in the area!

Where we ate in and around Naples

DaRuMa Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Lounge

‘First Watch’ The Daytime Cafe

Azn Asian Cuisine in Mercato

Vergina Restaurant Downtown

What we did in and around Naples

Glow Bowling at HeadPinz in Fort Myers

Shopped at Miromar Outlets, Waterside Shops, Mercato Nordstrom Rack

Went out on the town to Cavo Lounge

Drinks at The Continental on 12th Avenue Downtown

Special thanks to Joelle who helped me remember the names of all these places (few!)

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