Modern Day Open-Concept Floor Plans and The Kitchelivining Room

Okay, so I made up the “kitchelivining room” (pronounced kitch-a-liv-ine-ing) but what else do we call the modern day open-concept that has become a standard term in renovation, house hunting, and #homegoals alike? When it comes to our home renovation, the first floor is really not big and it feels like one large room, so I thought, that room deserves it’s own name! What do you guys think? Too much?

Anyways, the modern day open-concept home doesn’t feel so modern anymore. It’s become so popular and really just more of a standard. Those homes that don’t have the open layout have become a deterrent when selling. Whether you’re going to renovate or purchase a move-in ready home it’s rare that you are looking for a different kind of layout.

Modern Day Open-Concept


Why We Love the “Modern Day Open-Concept Home”

Let’s start at the beginning. Do you know why the non “Modern Day Open-Concept Home” existed? I grew up in an old Victorian in Rochester that was not an open concept. There was the kitchen very separate from the dining room, both separated by the foyer and on the other side the living and family rooms.

Lots of walls I tell you.

What do walls mean? Privacy. Think of life back in the early 1900’s even the late 19th century. Many families that built these grand homes had servants, and various forms of help, hence the servant staircase. Deliveries for the newspaper, milk, ice etc. were made daily to the back kitchen. Children and women were not supposed to be the center or even forefront of the home, but to stay behind closed doors as much as possible. The more separation, the easier it was to keep everything just as it should be.

Obviously, that era has passed and we’ve pretty much thrown that whole privacy thing out the window. Children are the center of attention. Both men and women make these homes go round, and everyone is always together. Company is entertained and enjoyed in the kitchen. The design of a home is all about how to make each room flow so that no matter where you go you are comfortable and inclusive.

Enter the modern day open-concept home.

The norm of today’s society within a home is about creating a space that’s aesthetically pleasing, but also very livable. There’s no need for separation from the kitchen to the dining to the living because now we use it all, together. My favorite thing to look forward to in our new house is being able to cook while Joe hangs on the couch or sit at the dining room table while he plays his damn (excuse my language) video games. I want guests to feel comfortable anywhere in my home, feel like they can do whatever they want. Can you imagine back then that it was rude to go into a kitchen while at a party? I guess it’s just a different time but I’m pretty glad things have changed, to say the least.


Open-Concept Floor Plan Inspiration

Fun fact: I saw this picture way back in January around the time we were starting to lay out the house. I fell in love. It’s warm, it’s white with wood, it’s a beautifully clean design, it’s got the modern-day open concept. Oh, and those countertops I had to have.



Though it is beautiful I knew Joe would want it to be a bit more masculine. It was always important to me to keep his preferences when designing the overall feel and look of the interiors, even if he doesn’t believe this to be true because I chose all white paint despite him saying he didn’t want that. So, I started to merge the concept with some more masculine ideas..






Tips for Going Open

Whether you are looking to open your walls now or looking to purchase and renovate a house there are a few key things to getting the modern day open-concept.

Know where your bearing walls are.

Sometimes, you can’t know. We didn’t and it could have been a very very different story if we found the bearing walls to be right down the middle of the planned kitchelivining room (I will make it a thing). It did alter some of our original ideas but thankfully the structural support came from the outside walls and only part of the interior by the front entrance. We still had to put in steel beams, but they spanned the small area in front of the fireplace and not the entire house, which would have eaten up the majority of the renovation budget.

Configure the cost of beams and rebuilding support in your budget.

Over budget for it especially if you don’t know where the bearing walls run. Those cute rustic beams that Chip and Joanna love so much are actually extremely expensive. Yes, you can do decorative ones but they almost always open walls and use them. Let me tell you, they don’t come cheap.

Be ready to make it cohesive.

You don’t want to open walls only to have two or three very different aesthetics. This is just the designer in me cringing but you have to make it flow. Be ready to come up with whole new furniture layouts, and even furniture so that everything goes. This might seem obvious but it’s definitely something that could be overlooked in the budget.


A Glance at Our Renovation

Changing what was many separate rooms to one great room has altered the entire dynamic of what this house is. The old Victorian now exists as a modern home. Though the structure itself is vintage, the entire interior has stepped into the 21st century. So obviously the decor will be in with the times, along with the overall aesthetic and the way the home works. Stay tuned and follow along (if you aren’t already) on my Instagram and Instagram stories to see how we make the kitchen, living, dining, entertaining area and (both) entrances all work together. From the interior finishes to the actual flow and placement of furniture, and all the trinkets in between here comes the fun part. Sneak a little peek at what we already know for sure below.

Pre-Renovation First Floor Layout:

Pre-Renovation Floor Plan Modern Day Open-Concept

The Architecture Plan for Renovation:

Floor Plan Modern Day Open-Concept


REvit Renderings Modern Day Open-Concept Floor Plan

REvit Renderings Modern Day Open-Concept Floor Plan

REvit Renderings Modern Day Open-Concept Floor Plan

REvit Renderings Modern Day Open-Concept Floor Plan

REvit Renderings Modern Day Open-Concept Floor Plan


Check out this post I did last week on where we are at right now. Even though a lot has happened since last week, it is crazy how much it looks like these renderings Joe did in MARCH before we even started! Technology is so insanely cool.

Anyways, I’ll have all my tips and tricks, mood boards and suggestions for styling “the modern day open-concept” kitchelivining room in the next few weeks! Don’t miss them and subscribe here!

The Modern Day Open-concept Home

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