Mixing Styles of Interior Design, My Top 5 Tips

Mixing Styles of Interior Design

As a designer, I pretty much have to appreciate everything. Naturally, I like some styles, some artists, some designers more than others but in my eyes, it really is all beautiful. I think a true talent comes from the ability to mix styles. Whether it’s painted with charcoal mixed in, or Scandinavian industrial interior. I don’t think a designer has to be one specific way or have a certain aesthetic 100% of the time. I think it’s even more amazing if they aren’t. This goes for regular humans too. In some way, shape or form you are a designer too. Here are my top tips, one designer to another, on mixing styles of interior design.

I had a blurry vision paired with a few art boards in my head, but not really a clear, decisive route for our house– what can I say, I’m a woman. The way I began mixing styles was keeping a neutral palette but making sure to balance, for better lack of a word, all the adjectives pertaining to interior design. For example, keep it soft but linear, warm and cool, unique and classic.

Starting with the light fixtures, we had a color scheme of black and brass, somewhat industrial but keeping it cohesive. White walls and a classic hickory floor. White in the rest of the furnishes (kitchen, tiles, etc.) kept it modern and fresh. Now, as it comes together it’s all making sense, thank goodness. We are nowhere near having one, or even two specific styles, but a little of everything.

The key to mixing styles of interior design is definitely a step by step process but also thinking ahead. I knew I wanted a clean, modern yet homey feel. It was important to us that it be kept interesting yet minimal as you explore the house. Plus, I didn’t want to get bored with the process so I wanted every space to have elements that were exciting to see installed.

Back to how to mix styles.


Top Five Tips

mixing styles of interior design Kitchen-Mood-Board-Basic

mixing styles of interior design - dining



Keep the bigger areas (like walls or couches) neutral and classic in color but maybe choose a more modern or vintage shape.

We choose our West Elm Sectional because Joe wanted that more modern aesthetic. Low, modular looking, very linear. The warmth in the hardwood floors, and the black features throughout the downstairs were examples of mixing styles of interior design because all together there was a modern, rustic, contemporary feel.



mixing styles of interior design - living room mood board


Have fun with accents.

Maybe you like modern colors but a rustic overall feel? Paint an accent wall a fun color but keep everything else neutral and more vintage feeling. Mix in the whitewashed wood anything and you’ve nailed it.

For us, we went with a unique media console, the “suspend ii media console” from CB2 (which I’m obsessed with by the way). Coming in the front door it’s the first thing you’ll notice. It complements the sectional in its contemporary aesthetic but pushes even more towards modern. Bringing in industrial with the coffee table and traditional with the end tables were definitely mixing styles of interior design.



mixing styles of interior design



Balance the lines. Choose linear more classic or modern pieces while incorporating a patterned rug or wall art. It keeps it from feeling cold and sterile.

After we decided on our sectional, chairs, and console I was starting to freak out at how modern it was. Too modern? Too cold? So, when we went into deciding on the rugs I went a little more homely. Not farmhouse homely, just a shag rug for some nice texture, and a fun, somewhat modern spin on vintage pattered circle rug. I thought they would warm everything up, give the space some “fluff”, all while very organically mixing styles of interior design.



mixing styles of interior design - cohesive unique lighting

Be creative with your choices!

Look for unique finds that will stand out. Don’t just pick a room template off of Target’s website and buy it all. I ended up mixing styles of interior design when it came to our lights, our tile, our colors, our furniture because I bounced around to all different sources. I felt it was more my design that way.


mixing styles of interior design - laundry

Continuously mix styles throughout your home or space, while mixing it up.

I went with white, and black and brass. It’s contrasting but cohesive because I used it through the whole house/space. Same with the decor, modern mixed with a classic, contemporary, industrial style. The great part about having a neutral base palette is mixing in fun colors throughout. It wouldn’t work without a clean base.



In the end, mixing styles for interiors is done well if you start with the basics, mix up the accents, finish with a balance. It’s all about following what you love while having a vision and keeping to it.

What are your key tips for mixing styles? It doesn’t have to be just for the home. For fashion? For life? Send them my way! Learning from others and the world around us is the key part of getting better at what we do right?!


mixing styles of interior design - laundry


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