Minimal Kitchen Organization Solutions

Okay so when I go on Houzz or Pinterest or even when I watch HGTV and see a minimal kitchen, all I can think about now is how they are so incredibly organized. Maybe it’s just me but I’m like where’s the paper towel rack? How do the dishes look so perfect through the glass cabinet doors? Recycling? THE FRIDGE. How does one keep such an organized fridge?!?

So, I went on a mission to start planning my future kitchen’s organization to ensure mine will always look picture perfect.

HAHA. Yeah. Right.

However, I did come across some amazing units to keep the actual kitchen supplies organized, along with some systems, Pinterest ideas and ideas of my own. Here is what I plan to buy and implement for a seemingly always minimal kitchen.

Minimal Kitchen Home Renovation Minimal Kitchen Home Renovation Minimal Kitchen Home Renovation Minimal Kitchen Home Renovation


Renovating for a Minimal Kitchen

By this I mean if you are renovating or making some bigger changes in the kitchen you can plan ahead certain permanent installations that will make kitchen life much easier. For our kitchen renovation, Joe did the plans for the layout, electrical, plumbing, cabinet configuration, measuring for appliances and sinks, and so on. It was amazing because we could pick out the best lay out for us. Mind you it’s a small kitchen so using our space to the maximum was key. I knew I had to have a couple specific features to keep me sane.

These were my necessities while we worked the space:


Install Pull-Out Garbage Tutorial Minimal Kitchen

Pull Out Garbages (With Recycling)

Not only have I always wanted these, I can’t wait to get rid of the bag we currently hang on our drawer pulls in our kitchen now. Always exposed, always ugly, a plastic bag filled with dirty recycling has a permanent residence in the kitchen. Did I mention I can’t wait to get rid of it?? This tutorial by Honey Bear Lane will tell you exactly how to install one in your existing kitchen!


Pantry Storage Organization Minimal Kitchen

A Pantry

We knew with our given wall space the amount of hidden storage in the kitchen was going to be nothing crazy. So, we set about finding every nook and cranny to see where we could slide a pantry in. In the end right underneath the staircase was perfect. Again, it’s not huge but its a hidden, larger space to hide the clutter. Probably still going to keep that organized as humanly possible too….


Minimal Kitchen Deep Drawers Storage

Deep Drawers

Not only did I love the look of having drawers on the bottom cabinets, they just seem so much more user-friendly. Instead of getting on all fours and literally climbing into the kitchen cabinets I can pull it out, get my item and move on. See, user-friendly. Plus the long hardware pulls we picked out for the drawers aren’t going to look too bad either.


A few Other Favorite Pre-Planned Organizational Features

Built in Paper Towel Holder for a Minimal Kitchen

Paper Towel Rack Built into Cabinets

I would have loved to have this in our kitchen but there just wasn’t space for it. I love how it hides the paper towel so gracefully while still giving you full access. Keep reading for my planning solution.


Iron Storage Cabinet Minimal Kitchen

Iron Cabinet

I think this is so great, but also very extra. I mean it’s pretty much there to iron your napkins and dish towels. You aren’t going to be ironing the family laundry in the kitchen most likely, so, though unnecessary, I’m all about it.


Minimal Kitchen Built in Cutting Board

Built-in Cutting Board Station

I mean, of course, I want this. Wouldn’t you? Sometimes you just gotta pick and choose…


A Minimal Kitchen With Help From Amazon

I think the most important part of organizing would be maximizing the space. No, not so that you can cram as much as possible, but so that it doesn’t look cluttered and still fits a wide variety of items. Sometimes, you need some help to do this. My list of hardware/tools to organize the kitchen runs deep. I’ve listed everything I plan to use here.

Cabinet Organization

Pantry Organization

Fridge Organization


Okay phew, organization is work. Luckily I’m starting to plan it all now. If you ever think you’ll need to come back to this post to reference the ideas or find the quick Amazon purchases, just pin the picture below! I think I’ll be pinning it myself just as a reminder to get everything soon! Appliances are 50% delivered (fridge and dishwasher) we are just waiting on the two fridges (regular and beverage) and the range. Getting so, so excited.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you need help. I LOVE to help organize and clean and come up with fabulous solutions while doing so!!

Xx Liv

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