Media Console Debate: Expensive vs. Wallet Friendly

Alright so we’ve found our couch, two accent chairs (should I share?!) and well, that’s about it. It’s very stressful trying to pick out furniture without being done, being in the space, and if you’re a crazy indecisive (me). As I search and search for our next big decision, the media console, I honestly think it’s easier to give other people advice than to design for myself.

Media Consoles High End vs. Budget Friendly


I want to encompass everything, try every style, whereas if you have a client or friend asking advice or what they should do you are on the outside looking in. I’m a people reader so I can almost immediately tell their style, what they vibe, and what they don’t know they are looking for. It’s easy, just do what you know they’ll love.


I, on the other hand, love everything (almost). I’m just particular about how it all goes together. I legit have 17 different media console, coffee table, rug scenarios in my head. All different styles, feels looks etc. Basically my brain is mush.


Anyways, back to this week’s dilemma: the media console.

To start, I’m having a hard time deciding between clean and modern or refinished hardwood. Do we go with white accents or black? Do we do low or normal height (definitely low that’s already decided). I’m just trying to give you examples of the questions running through my mind as I search, and search, and search some more for the perfect console. We have a giant sectional on order, so what’s it going to be like with the couch? It’s just a whole thing, let me tell you.

The number one question though has been, do we get something high end, something that will last and we will take with us to the next house? Or, because it’s not our last house, do we go more wallet-friendly just in case we want nothing to do with it in however many years?

Well, it got me comparing.

So, here is the list for “The Media Console Debate: Expensive vs. Wallet-Friendly.” I want to know what you all think. Anyone else had to make this decision? Is it worth the investment? Or can you not even tell the difference between the high-end pieces and budget-friendly ones? I need to know people!!!

Scandinavian style media unit
contemporary budget friendly media console table


Article’s “Bios” Scandinavian style media console is one of my favorite looks currently. I find this style to be a bit trendy but I’m into the clean lines and obviously the whole white and wood thing. I found the wallet-friendly version on Wayfair for less than a third of the price and almost identical!


Restoration Hardware Herringbone Media Console
herringbone industrial coffee table$350

Who else obsesses over Restoration Hardware?! I mean this console with the herringbone and gold handles just about makes my life. However, it’s just a tad crazy on the price– we are just not there yet. Being that you pretty much remove one of the zeros to get to the price of the wallet-friendly media console I think it works as a fantastic alternative..

Modernist Wood and Laquer West Elm Media Console
Modernist Wallet Friendly Media Console

To be honest, the wallet-friendly version of this media console pair caught my eye. I thought the black would go great with the rest of our house specifically and felt that the rich tones of the wood were gorgeous. Often with the wallet-friendly version you wonder how the quality will be. When I went on the hunt for a more expensive version I wanted to see if there would be an inherent difference online. I am not sure that I do!


Lulu and Georgia white and gold detailed media console sideboard


wallet friendly white credenza media console


Okay, so I actually think this is too feminine for our home. Joe always says he doesn’t want to feel like he’s living in a dollhouse, which I completely understand as he is a man and wants to be comfortable in his own home. Plus, I’m not super feminine either. But, I did think both the sideboard from Lulu and Georgia and the wallet-friendly credenza from All Modern are absolutely stunning.


Brass Geo Inlay Media Console
Reclaimed light wood media console wallet friendly


I’m not kidding you guys, I searched high and low for something even remotely similar to West Elm’s version and this is as close as I got. This right here is an example of how you pay more for insane details. Just look at the brass going through the absolutely gorgeous color of the reclaimed wood. I’m very into the wallet-friendly dupe, but the expensive version media console wins this round, for sure.


Reclaimed wood iron inlay media console

This one I just couldn’t do it. It’s so freaking amazing and by far my top pick for our home. There was just no wallet friendly situations that do it justice. So, here she is, our media console pick (80% sure)! What do you guys think? I’ll be sharing a mood board of our living area plan soon, so stay tuned!




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