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Okay guys, this past year I’ve definitely become WAY more into makeup than I have ever been. I definitely wear somewhat more than I used to for a few reasons but the number one is simply because I am interested in it! I’ve always been girly, but never too materialistic. I’ve never really paid attention to name brands because I always thought what the heck is the difference. But, as I got older and was able to afford nicer things, I realized that there are benefits in purchasing CERTAIN things that are on the expensive side because they are much better made and beneficial, and in doing this realized that there are also great products that are not going to cost an arm and a leg. It’s all about experimenting and finding out what is best for your skin.

It’s always going be a thing, changing up routines, especially makeup routines, as new products emerge into the scene. So, it’s an ongoing experiment and here is where I’ll keep my most up to date everyday routine.


  1. First I’ll apply Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer. This is my primer, and its a bit tanner than my typical skin tone so that it shines through my foundation (that I try to match to my skin tone). It helps from looking too pale in pictures, with my pinky/white/borderline green undertones. It’s also fab for when you get a spray tan and feel glam and don’t want to wear makeup. Since I buy it darker it usually works as just enough coverage without a whole face on.
  2. I’ve just recently started using bareMinerals BarePro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation and oh my gosh I am in LOVE. I honestly thought it was not going to be worth it and not enough coverage. When you pump it out it’s veryyy light and creamy and liquidy. However, it goes on flawlessly, and coverage is amazing. Someone the other day asked me what foundation I use because it’s “flawless”– no joke. I think this with my finishing powder is the new perfect combo.
  3. UPDATE: Though I still love the bareMinerals I recently bought the mini of the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream SPF 50+ and I just feel like I REALLY SUCK. Like, what took so long Olivia. All I have heard is amazing things. It’s at the top of every list. But I finally did it and it’s freaking awesome. Besides having the SPF 50+ I know that they aren’t lying when they say there is Anti-Aging Hydrating Serum in there. My skin looks as tight at the end of the day as it did in the morning. Most foundations will give you that dry, tired look after a while but this has enough moisture to make your skin look dewy while not appearing or feeling oily. I highly recommend going to Ulta or Sephora now!!
  4. My next step is dabbing this BECCA Undereye Brightening Corrector on the dark spots under my eyes. I don’t know what life was like before it. Kidding, that was very dramatic.. BUT STILL, this stuff is no joke on the brightening, concealing, hiding of that pesky dark under eye. I have genetically deep bags and this stuff can be worn under concealer or when I go with a mostly naked face just enough to step out into public with.
  5. Okay, I forgot about this too… The undereye corrector and this are tied for being my new two FAVE additions. The Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer is also a savior for under eyes. AND so many other things. Like contouring. And concealing blemishes. And concealing huge ass pimples. It does it all. Try it, I dare you, I wouldn’t steer you wrong.
  6. Following up my first Tarte product is another Tarte product: Tarte Tarte- Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush. The color I use is and it’s just the prettiest pink that shines through my bronzer and finishing powder just enough.
  7. This here is the first drugstore product that I love and have loved for a while now. I swear this e.l.f. Bronzer palette, , specifically matches my foundation, blush, complexion perfectly. It’s not a bronzer that just looks orangy on your skin, done correctly it gives your face the perfect, glowing contour.
  8. Finally, I don’t use a powder foundation or anything I set my makeup with a finishing powder. I bounce back and forth between the Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder— which is heavy duty setting and hold without creating lines or weight on your skin–
  9. Or, I use for my every day and to be honest I think makes my skin look the best is e.l.f. Cosmetics Perfect Finish HD Powder. If you can’t tell, the drugstore brand I swear by is e.l.f. by Target. I keep a “copy” I call it of elf in all products on hand in case I drop or break or lose one of my expensive products. Any of their products hold up next to the name brand, arm-and-leg, products.
  10. UPDATE: For the past two months I’ve been using Cils Booster XL Vitamin-Infused Mascara Primer and I’ve never met a stronger couple than this with the ItCosmetics Superhero Mascara. I will put this conditioning, lash growing formula on my eyelashes, do my brows to wait for it to dry, and then put the mascara. Let’s just say lifting and lengthening is an understatement.
  11. Then, I’ll do my brows with KAT VON D24-Hour Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade 
    This is also a new, incredible, find. Well, I guess I didn’t “find” it, Influenster sent it to me for a review and I completely fell in love. It goes on so smooth, it’s so easy to get your personal color and I swear it’s so natural looking.
  12. Okay okay okay we are done! After my mascara, the most important part, time to make the eyes pop! I go back and forth from getting eyelash extensions and when I don’t have them I’m using IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic StretchVolume Mascara. I don’t know what they do in the formula or concoction or whatever you wanna call it but holy crap. It elongates your lashes, thickens your lashes, combs will volumizing your lashes, and the list goes on. It’s a thick mascara but gives me, personally, the exact look I’m going for. I want to know what you guys think on this because I can tell that it’d be a (mostly) hit or miss mascara.