Why Mackenzie Childs is the Brand that Brings People Together

Mackenzie Childs Platter and Bowl

Mackenzie Childs is The Brand that Brings People Together

Mackenzie Childs Flower Market Teapot


The Brand That Brings People Together

If you haven’t heard of Mackenzie Childs, well, do you live under a rock? No offense of course. I just mean that, especially because of where I live, do I rarely find a soul who hasn’t heard of the cult-favorite, especially recognizable brand. The black and white checkers stand out in any home. The quality and care that goes into the products is uncomparable. They’ve thought of everything you ever need in a home and have put their finesse, traits, and style on them so that they would never be mistaken for anything other than a Mackenzie Childs product. There’s something to be said about a homemade (yes, really) product that you just have a warm place in your heart for. I know I do. It’s a brand that comes from good people and is made by caring people. It has created a community like no other. Groups of fans can talk about which style bowl is their favorite for an hour. When families and friends gather round using the products at their holiday parties, and Sunday dinners, and Friendsgiving and birthdays, no matter the reason, you feel the love, you feel the togetherness. There is no brand like it. Mackenzie Childs is the brand that brings people together.


Mackenzie Childs Flower Market Teapot

Mackenzie Childs is The Brand that Brings People Together

Mackenzie Childs Courtly checked

Mackenzie Childs Tablescape


Your MC Story

Everyone has their story with Mackenzie Childs. Where you first saw it or heard of it or when you attended your first barn sale. Here in upstate New York you’ve pretty much known about it since birth. Located in Aurora, NY, the headquarters to this truly incredible operation sits quietly by Cayuga Lake, just glowing in the simple beauty of the countryside. After visiting and being lucky enough to tour many areas of Mackenzie Childs that most don’t see, I get it now. Each piece is a product of where it comes from, and like the headquarters, quietly glows with an aura of humble beauty whether it’s displayed on the kitchen counter or tucked away in a drawer until needed. Then, when it’s time to use as an appetizer plate or salad bowl, everyone holds their breath as it’s moved throughout the kitchen. Putting food on a Mackenzie Childs plate never fails to immediately increase the cheerful vibes of the room.


Mackenzie Childs is The Brand that Brings People Together

Mackenzie Childs Entertaining Kitchen

Mackenzie Childs is The Brand that Brings People Together

In Every Home

I especially appreciate how Mackenzie Childs really can fit in any style setting or with any style of decor. Today’s most common style of home decor is a modern spin on rustic, traditional style. The different patterns that the artisans at Mackenzie Childs paint can sit on a chunky wood dining table or a clean quartz countertop. They can be mixed in a room with neutrals and pops of color and still don’t throw anything off. They can be used in any season, I especially love using Flower Market in winter which is actually surprising! From modern to farmhouse to industrial, there’s no “no” on what Mackenzie Child “goes with”. In fact, I’d like the challenge to see if there’s a space that wouldn’t accept a bit of courtly checked!

For me, my first product was a gift. The small bow vase was given to me as a thank you. Now, I can’t even imagine not displaying it in my home. From the minute I received it, regardless of my own home decor or style, it had to be displayed. It’s a conversation piece, as was every piece that came after it. My style is incredibly neutral and clean. All white everything if you weren’t already aware. However, when I add a pop of MC in each space, or even just seeing the platters ready and waiting in my kitchen, I get a buzzing excitement for the next time I get to use them. Plus, I actually love and will only break up my neutral palette for the beautifully painted masterpieces from Mackenzie Childs.


Mackenzie Childs is The Brand that Brings People Together

Mackenzie Childs Courtly checked

Mackenzie Childs Entertaining Kitchen

Mackenzie Childs Entertaining Kitchen

Mackenzie Childs Entertaining Kitchen

Mackenzie Childs Entertaining Kitchen

People that Host with Mackenzie Childs Together, Stay Together

I’ve always loved decorating and entertaining. For me, the buzz of friends or family all together to share a meal is something I’ll always crave. Maybe it started with my career in events, and you guys know this from past blog posts such as “Items to Keep on Hand for Last Minute Entertaining“, but hosting has to be done right. From the decor to the display to the food and drink itself, everything should be thought about and cohesive. Using Mackenzie Childs for platters and bowls and cooking and dining just seems to amp up the thought and care that people should feel when they are being entertained.

I can’t wait to continue to grow my collection, collaborate with friends as we did at this year’s Friendsgiving. Whether it’s the classic courtly checked or flower market (my personal favorite) or Royal Check or a mix of them all, the Mackenzie Childs presence in a home is like no other. Then, you bring it out at a big party and the vibe is just… there. Used for the appetizers, used for the buffet, used for dessert. To be honest, there really can never be enough.

Between me and my girlfriends, I know I can’t wait for hosting in the years to come. Our families all together with amazing food, drinks, music, conversation, is heaven to me. But no matter where that vision is or what it looks like, there’s always MC in it.

Mackenzie Childs is the brand that brings people together because of the community it has. The appreciation it has. The beauty it has. And, the love that it has.


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  1. 12.13.19
    Maria said:

    Love this! I first heard of MacKenzie Childs a few years ago just through seeing some of the product through Instagram influencers. Since then I have visited a seaside shop all about MC! And am in love!

  2. 12.13.19
    Lauren Warsocki said:

    My first Mackenzie Childs piece was my parchment check teapot (stunning). My collection has now reached 10 pieces and counting! All of my aunts & girl cousins collect their own pattern. A family staple.

  3. 12.16.19
    Svetlana said:

    I was able to relate to your blog post when I first learned of Makenzie Childs when I was house sitting for a coworker 7 years ago. She had a beautiful tea kettle in her kitchen that interested me to spark up a convo and learn all about it. 🤗 Thanks for sharing 💘

  4. 12.16.19
    JENNA Perry said:

    First learned about Mackenzie Childs from my boyfriends mom. I got a tumbler for my first Christmas with them ❤️

  5. 12.16.19
    Marit Marcello said:

    My first Mackenzie Childs item was a heart shaped candy dish. I’ve had it for years and it still sits proudly in my living room filled with chocolates.

  6. 12.18.19
    Shannon Toole said:

    Is this how I do this? 😂 — I first learned about MC from my aunt who has a bunch of stuff but my FAV being a tea pot!!! ❤️

  7. 12.18.19
    Kelly Orman said:

    I love love love that you went to Camp Mackenzie Child’s. My mom has been collecting since before I was born so I’ve been familiar with this brand my whole life, I really enjoyed getting to see your behind the scenes pics and videos. My first purchase was actually a butter dish for my mom because it was all I could afford when I was younger but I wanted her to have something she loved! And for myself, I bought the iconic courtly check teapot as a staple to display. It’s always recognized and adored!

  8. 12.22.19
    Brandy Hardy said:

    I am in love with your style!!! I need you to come set up my house for Christmas 🎄