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Le Tote

Hey guys! I’ve shared Le Tote on my Instagram stories quite a bit because I’m pretty much OBSESSED. There are a million “boxes” out there that all do different things but to be honest I was never into them until I got my first Le Tote.

The Three Reasons Why You'll Love Le Tote

Le tote 3
Le tote 1

It's Customizable and Unlimited

It’s basically like online shopping mixed with renting an apartment. You pick out a brand new set of clothes but there’s no keeping them for the long haul. You can wear them to your heart’s content and then send them back for new ones. The payments are monthly, but for a girl who likes to shop it’s beyond worth it because you can get as many totes as you want per month.

Le Tote Shopping

The Brands and Styles

The brands. Incredible. The styles, better. From my staples, Calvin Klein, Nike, Free People, Vince Camuto, to my splurges, like House of Harlow and Olivia Culpo’s new line (that I would typically shop for full price on Revolve) are now all interchangeable and I can replace them whenever I want. It’s seriously my ideal situation.

If you are going away to a completely different climate, send your tote back and get those perfect Cali dresses and tops FOR FREE (besides the monthly charge but that’s covered after wearing one item!!)

Le Tote

It's Easy

Finally, they have an app that is so user-friendly.

You can get your online shopping fix, rate your tote if you left it up to chance, track your status or the prices of your tote. OH! That’s another thing– you get special discounts if you choose to buy any of your clothes! You can pick your faves, or even buy the whole thing and get a whole month free! But anyways, see all of this in the mobile app and manage everything from your billing to your preferences. It’s so great, I can’t say it enough.

Outfits I've Worn

Le Tote Outfits