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Habits to Keep Post Quarantine

Habits to Keep Post Quarantine

We’re All in This Together

I think we are all feeling the anxiousness of the unknown. The unknown of when our cities will open, whether the economy will revive, will this virus return, and most of all what the world will look like in the coming months, even years. During this time I think it’s extremely important to stay positive. I’ve been trying to, but I’m with you, it’s damn hard. I knew day 1, in order for me to keep a sense of normalcy that I must keep my routine. I am a Virgo after all. As I started thinking about all the habits I want to keep post quarantine I was thinking about how I developed them in the first place.

There was no 5:30am gym anymore. No longer could I just grab lunch from the little salad place across from the office. Or, on the other hand, no unnecessarily long lunches with my co-workers to break up the day. No Thursday night dinners with the girls at our favorite little hidden gem of a restaurant. No Friday cocktail hours. No Instagramming little coffee shops, old architecture, or nights out on whatever long weekend trip I was on. Life had come to a halt. It was a shock, to everyone. It has affected every single person in some way, shape, or form. But what do we do as resilient, advanced, incredible human beings in the face of trauma or crisis? We adapt. We figure it out, and we keep moving forward… even if we aren’t moving from our houses.


Readjusting to the Old Normal

In my own personal adaptation to this “new normal” I’ve been doing many things differently. Many of which have actually made my life more productive, well-rounded, efficient, and enjoyable. So, reflecting on these past few months and pondering about what lies ahead, I’ve realized that in order to better life on the other side of all of this I should probably identify exactly what habits to keep post quarantine.

It’s day 60 of quarantine for me. I think for some of you it’s even upwards of 75? That’s nuts. Anyways, I was curious about how many days you have to do something before it truly becomes a habit. So, I did some research. Let’s just say it’s all relative. It depends on what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and how much will-power and desire you have to continue it. I know we have more time to do, well, more, right now, but at the end of the day, if something is worth it, you make time regardless, right? This whole evolvement of sorts is actually shedding new light on quarantine life. Shutting down the world might actually, dare I say it, have its perks!


Habits to Keep Post Quarantine

Cooking at Home

It’s safe to say that almost everyone is cooking more. Or, at least not eating out as much? I know I am. Thinking back to March and how new and scary this whole thing was, I avoided leaving the house or exposing myself as much as possible. I would hit up Wegmans, Trader Joe’s, and the liquor store one after the other as fast as possible, gasping for air the minute I got home as if I wasn’t breathing the entire time I was shopping. I began restricting myself to one big trip every two weeks and started cooking three meals a day.

It feels good to have a full fridge that gives me what I need at any time. I always have all sorts of options to test new recipes or dinner ideas. I’m eating healthy but making it fun. I’m truly utilizing my kitchen for the first time since moving in, and up until this Quarantine, my apartment truly didn’t feel like my home. Now, it does.

The other amazing part about not eating out as much as the money you save. I think this is obvious, but wow was that crushing me before, and I didn’t even realize!



So this is another one of the habits to keep post quarantine that falls into the “I should have been doing this regardless” category. Reading is good for the mind, body, and soul. I truly do believe this but it always feels like there’s a show I want to catch up on, a blog post to write, laundry, cleaning… okay so before quarantine I CLEARLY liked to make all the excuses. I think I forgot how much I love it, and how much more stimulating it can be than a movie or show. You’re working your brain, which is so important, now more than ever. It keeps the juices flowing up there at a time where they can easily turn to mush.

What I’m Reading/What’s On My List


Running Outside & Home Workouts

I miss the treadmill and the gym in general. I’ll straight up admit it. There is something about the atmosphere and people all around that drives me to work out harder and keep going despite my body telling me no. However, there are two reasons why I have come to appreciate a good run around the neighborhood or a workout in my living room. Funny enough they happen to be exact opposite reasons too.

First, there’s a sense of peace, serenity, and calm with running outside or working out without anyone else around. You zone in, you aren’t distracted, and somehow I’m just more aware of what I’m thinking and feeling. I observe the details of the beautiful mansions on Park Ave. I pay attention to my breathing and form as I make each movement.

On the other hand, you have to be more intense with yourself. I’m kind of psycho and have always preferred workouts I run myself, I’m not a huge class person, but I’ve definitely needed even more discipline. Between keeping my early morning workouts and getting creative to complete workouts, it certainly gives you a chance to push yourself harder.

What I’m Using to Workout at Home


Letting My Hair Air-Dry

With the lack of schedule, there is more time to take my time. Letting my hair dry before getting ready is something I can’t do normally in order to be to the office by 8 am. I can work out, shower, let it dry for an hour or two, and then make my way to the bathroom and tame it or style it any time I want. It’s been great for my hair to get breaks from heated tools and she’s growing quickly. In order for this to be one of the habits I keep post quarantine, I’ll just have to plan for it in the evenings.

Favorite Leave-In Hair Products


Wearing Less Makeup

It’s safe to say that the au natural look should be more widely accepted after this. Fake lashes are no longer existent. Makeup-less Zoom calls aren’t scary anymore. I don’t even think twice when I look in the mirror at my bare face. I’m not sure I even remember how to put on mascara at this point, and I don’t really miss it either. My skin has freaked out a few times and though I think it’s good to give it a break, for me it’s more about the maintenance, time, and money it takes to apply daily makeup.

As summer turns the corner, and the sun will soon kiss all our pasty mugs, my goal is to wear as little makeup as possible. Because we are all doing it, it won’t be as off-putting when life resumes. Plus, I’ve used this time to experiment and figure out what skincare gives me my most natural glow!

Beauty Favorites During Quarantine


Cocktail Hour at Home

As much I miss darting out early on Friday to head to whatever bar of choice for my fellow colleagues decided on, I must say it’s been quite fun at home too. I swear my sister and I think we’re mixologists now. On Fridays, we bring out the hard stuff, muddle fruit (and other random ingredients) concocting pretty colored beverages to fill our pretty glassware. It’s cheaper and less crowded. Plus we made our back deck more enjoyable so why not continue to use it in the nice weather!

Thinking of doing a post on our favorite at-home cocktails, so stay tuned!



Share with me!

I’d love to hear what habits to keep post quarantine y’all would like to continue with? Is it painting your own nails (I know I won’t be able to stick to this one)? Or, maybe something as simple as keeping fresh flowers in the house? Whatever it might be, share in the comments below. It’s so important to stay connected and brainstorming anything and everything right now just seems way more fun!


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  1. Anne Meisenzahl wrote:

    I love this post! I love the idea of the “old normal” and all the ways we can find contentment (and maybe some new good habits) in challenging times… I do hope you do a post on cocktails (I need a diversion from the beloved margarita 🙂 and I liked your insights into exercising outdoors and reading more (one of those books you recommended has an awesome cover LOL)… And once again, excellent writing! <3

    Posted 8.29.20 Reply