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The Fitness Routine I’ve Been in Love With Forever

I’m laughing to myself right now because this post is making me pretty sentimental. I know, how does a fitness routine do that?? Well, when I had to recall exactly how long I’ve been using this particular workout plan I realized the answer is senior year of college.

Five years. What.

So much has changed between now and then. Multiple apartments, new jobs, new relationships, lessons learned, even my tastes have changed in many ways. One thing that has remained a constant is this fitness routine.

Fitness Routine Bikini Body Guide

Fitness Routine Bikini Body Guide

Fitness Routine Bikini Body Guide

Fitness Routine Bikini Body Guide

Fitness Routine Bikini Body Guide


Now, I don’t mean that I have followed the plan for 5 straight years without a day off or some variation. That’d be crazy. It’s just what I always stem from or come back to when I’m planning what I’m going to do for my workout. The workout plan I use is the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines. Before you go rolling your eyes about the fact that it seems every girl out there is doing BBG right now, there’s a reason why. Well, more like many reasons. From the actual training being fun, to the community Kayla has built around her brand, the list of why I love it, and why I’ve stuck with it for so long, could go on forever.

I’m just going to highlight a few reasons why I am an extremely proud #BBGcommunity member and #BBGuide doer.


It Works for my Body Type

I think it’s amazing that in today’s day in age girls are using fitness to accentuate their natural traits. Whether it’s squats because you were born with a butt or your stomach shape is fitting to bear those perfectly ripped abs. Not everyone can or should do the same thing, and I think it’s so important to do what works, and looks, best for you.
For me, this plan is ideal because the workouts were created for three specific outcomes from training: tight inner thighs, flat abdomens, and toned arms. For me, someone with no curves I have to stay tight. Any looser areas don’t become curves they become flab. Due to gymnastics as a child, I developed a body type that is seemingly very skinny but with “muscle thickness” on top in certain areas. Building a lot of muscle at such a young age, resulting in having to keep up with and continue to target my legs, abs, and arms they do very quickly grow softer, for lack of a better word.


Fitness Routine Bikini Body Guide


The Challenge

A huge part of why I can do the same routine for five years is due to the structure of it all. It gets harder as the weeks go on, which keeps me from getting bored. Though it starts easier and gets harder, even if I start over the 12-week program from the beginning it’s always a challenge. I don’t work out to maybe break a sweat and go through the motions. If I’m working out, I’m going all out and getting results.


Fitness Routine Bikini Body Guide


Very Versatile

As I mentioned before, obviously I go through some ups and downs of staying on a consistent routine. The best part about it is that I can adjust the workouts based on how I’m feeling. If I have to miss a day, or just if I need to mix it up a bit I don’t feel lost forever.
The routine consists of doing cardio and body-based aerobic workouts every other day. I love that I can do different types of cardio, whether it’s HIIT intervals, a run outside or maybe replace it with a hike or swim of some kind. The aerobic workouts are all doable at home. Typically, I do them at the gym in the morning (read why I love fitness as part of my morning in this post) but it’s nice to know I can do them whenever, wherever.


The App

Bikini Body Guide Kayla Itsiness Fitness Routine


Back in 2013 when Kayla’s fitness plan first came out you had to purchase a PDF version and download it to your phone or print it out. I know, it’s like the dark ages!! My roommate and I decided we’d split it and share the PDF. I have to say, I feel bad about that because in the end, I would have paid twice as much as she was charging. But, that broke college kid life right?

Anyways, five years later and the “Sweat with Kayla” app owns my soul.

These are the key features of the amazingly user-friendly, beautifully designed app:
  • The workouts are timed for you.
    She does four intervals of seven minutes each for the resistance days. That’s only 28 minutes of working out!
  • There are video examples of how to do each exercise.
    See above picture.
  • The meal plans.
    ARE AMAZING. So many great ideas that are easy and can be suited to whatever diet you follow. I don’t eat meat and I love her vegetarian recipes!
  • The BBG Community.
    ALSO AMAZING. The people that use the app are all very supportive of each other. This was very important to Kayla from the beginning. It’s amazing to see some people’s transformations but it’s even better to feel like you’re part of a group.
  • The Music Playlists.
    These are so convenient when you are in a hurry or just feeling very indecisive. Any of Kayla’s pre-set playlists will get you going in no time.
  • The Apple Watch Version.
    I think I’ll have to do a whole post on what I use my apple watch for but this is definitely my favorite use. Going from PDF to being able to barely hold, look or touch anything for an entire workout of BBG is an absolute dream.


I hope you realize this wasn’t a plug for BBG it really is just something near and dear to me! I promise up and down that it can help you! It’s worth the price, and the effort, for the results– if you work hard. 😉

Please!!! Tell me if you try it! I’m always telling people what I do to stay in shape when they ask, but I never know if they actually try it?! I’d love to hear your experience with it if you do. Plus, I’m always happy to give my tips or answer questions!

Go get ’em!!

Xx Liv


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