It’s Demo Day

Construction has officially begun and the contractors were able to knock a few walls out this past week after getting their lay of the land. Joe has been working on these so that we can stop questioning the big decisions. He rendered the floor plans and put them into a program that brought them to life. We’d often find ourselves rattling off different options for the floor plan, or second guess doing this and that, he even drew the plans a few different ways. Every time we still leave with the exact same plan we originally had. I think it’s just a natural reassurance our subconscious craves because the project is so extensive.
I took my parents by and they somewhat understood what we were going to do based on the contractor’s plans and from what I verbally explained. Then, I showed them the renderings, which, by the way, are almost exactly what I imagined. Immediately, they got it. I hope it helps you guys too! I think it will be really cool to see how close it comes to the renderings. Not all the tiling and colors, even the columns and windows, are set in stone. They are decisions we still have to make. But at least I can start to pick out fixtures, finishes, tiling and even start to brainstorm some added features. I want to be ahead and have things chosen before the contractor even asks, but, with both mine and Joe’s work schedules we’ll see how that really goes..
Mood boards are going to be huge for me. It will walk my brain through how to bring everything we want in the interior design aspect. It allows me to figure out the vibe and then collectively pick everything out within budget. But that’s a long ways down the road. A long, long way.

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  1. 5.8.18
    Anne said:

    So impressed, Olivia! I love the idea of incorporating creativity into every aspect of daily life. I love watching the renovation process and hearing your thoughts about it. Hello to Joe and sending love to you both!

    • 5.13.18
      oliviaquinlan1 said:

      Hi Aunt Anne!! Thank you so much, and thanks for following along. We miss you!! xoxo