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Equip Your Home to Survive Winter and Keep Your Resolutions

Well, the first week of the new year is just about over and it is time to face the long months ahead. I like resolutions, and I set new goals for myself come the new year, but keeping them is the hard part when the days are short, dark and dreary. So, to stay on track I like to prep my home for winter. It’s an amazing way to prevent your spirits from dipping with the temps and resolutions rolling. Obviously, I wouldn’t have this blog if I didn’t believe creating a haven within your home is essential to an enjoyable lifestyle, but there’s no other time of year I believe this more. Here’s my list of items in each space of your house that, if you don’t already have, you should to equip your home to survive winter.


equip your home for winter with white and wood blog

equip your home for winter with white and wood blog

equip your home for winter with white and wood blog

equip your home for winter with white and wood blog

equip your home for winter with white and wood blog

Equip Your Home to Survive the Depths of Winter



I’m going with the kitchen first because this is where most of our resolutions lie, am I right? We all want to eat healthier, cleaner, or maybe just at home instead of excessive-frequenting the same restaurants or spending too much cash on our meal delivery service. Whatever it may be, in order to accomplish your eating habit goals it’s imperative that you enjoy being in the kitchen.

Sonos Speaker

Start with some music. We are fully Sonos in our house and wouldn’t have it any other way. Once it’s hooked up to your music app of choice, turn on some Frank Sinatra grab a glass of wine and get cookin’! It’s a game-changer.

Beautiful Cooking Tools

Not only will you feel cute using any and all of Hearth and Hand by Magnolia’s line in the kitchen, you’ll ultimately feel more prepared! Confidence is key in cooking and I’m all about pretty tools from hair tools to cleaning equipment to make you feel more willing to take on the task at hand. It’s no different in the kitchen. If you’re always reaching for that ugly, stained, rusted pan cooking, why both? Kidding. Kind of.

Coffee + Tea Bar

Okay, so it doesn’t need to be a full on “bar”, but what a fun winter project! We are getting ready to share our wet bar that’s well stocked with booze and water with a coffee/tea area. Being able to grab a cup-of-joe or hot tea of your favorite flavor on a day where the snow is falling so hard you have given up on the idea of leaving the house for sake of not having to brush off your car is just a fabulous alternative. These are some of my favorite inspiration pictures of “coffee bars” at home.

“A Holiday Coffee Cart” by Pretty in the Pines

Holiday Coffee Cart from Prettin in the Pines

“DIY Coffee Bar” via The House of Wood

HGTV-Coffee-Bar from The House of Wood

“The  Coffee and Tea Station” by Heather Bullard

"The  Coffee and Tea Station" by Heather Bullard





The living area of your home is coming in hot as the next space to spruce up to equip your home to survive winter because if your living room isn’t comfortable than what’s the point of everything?? This is where you hang alone or entertain with friends, what you probably can’t ignore or see without walking from one room to another, and the perfect place for a winter haven.


Throw Blankets

This one is quite obvious. Who cuddles up in the winter without a cuddly blanket? No one. Even where it’s warm, you get cozy with blankets. Can you tell I have an obsession?! If you live in the Tundra like me, they are a necessary object to equip your home to survive winter. Plus, they are amazing decor too.



I’m not just talking about books to read and pull out from a box somewhere, I mean books that are both decorative and functional. Just seeing books in a space immediately feels more welcoming. There is a sense of “make yourself at home” to guests and a subconscious “relax, read a book” to you. My favorite way to display books lately is with bookends. I know, can you believe they are back in style?! All the heart-eye emojis.



I’ve never been huge into games, but I’m slowly taking a liking to them as I get older. I think you start to cherish the memories of laughing with your friends without having to be at a bar, or hanging out with your significant other without the TV on. Plus, like books, they can be fun stackable pieces of decor for a shelf or coffee table. The funny ones are instant conversation starter!


Sometimes,  you just have to mess with your own head. I know, you’re thinking, but how do plants equip your home to survive winter? Well, if the winter is hard for you because you love the warm weather and tropical vibes of summer or warmer places, why not bring it inside? Faux or real tropical plants give such warm, island vibes and completely distract you from what’s really going on outside. They say there are many benefits of plants in your home that all contribute to your mood. They’ll filter your air, produce oxygen, and give your space a serious uplift in spirit.

Tip: Home Depot has amazing REAL plants for low prices. Then, the fun part is finding planters!



The Amazon Firestick is the third member of our family. We recently bought the Samsung QLED TV which has 4K quality viewing, and with the Firestick you can literally search “Alexa, find me 4K movies” on Netflix. The quality is like a movie theatre, so this is so much fun if you are a TV person. Get the popcorn going, or maybe order food from your local delivery service and voila, never leave the house on a cold, dreary night again.



I mean, do you like getting out of the shower in the depths of winter? Because I sure don’t. It’s almost painful. But you can’t just stop doing it come January so you might as well make it more bearable, maybe even enjoyable. Give it a small make-over then take time to relax in it. You’ll stop swearing so much every time your wet skin touches the cold air.



I’m a huge slipper person. I don’t like big chunky, puffy things on my feet so I can be picky about my preference of feet-warmers, but the Ugg Moccasins are my go-to. I love to keep them slipped under my vanity for easy access after I bathe.



We all have candles scattered in our kitchen and living and dining rooms but I’m here to personally remind you that your bathroom has feelings too. Don’t forget it, because as you know they make such a difference everywhere else, imagine the new candlelit vibes of your evening bath! Just a few of my favorites:


Bath Tray

I’m not getting lazy here, but do I really need to explain why this would help equip your home to survive winter?? Set aside time on weekends or before bed. It really helps you relax, unwind and prep for a deep sleep.


Coming in last, but certainly not the least of importance is the bedroom. To equip your home to survive winter it all starts and ends with this space. There is the given of having comfortable bedding, blankets, curtains to keep in the warmth, etc. However, here are a few additional tricks to really make it the place you want to get up to in the morning and curl up in at night.



Not only is this weather tough to live with because it’s dreary and depressing, but what about the constant colds, coughs, and dry skin to come along with it. *Cringe.* Well, I figured out two years ago when I had a very bad cold and had tried every medication under the sun that having a humidifier while you sleep is one of the best things for you. Not only do I feel less “cracky” waking up, (and yes I’m weirdly talking about my dry skin there) but I just feel clearer through my head too. I’m telling you, a humidifier is essential in order to properly equip your home to survive winter and her battles.



The lighting of a lamp causes the level of cozy in a room to go from 0 to 10. Make sure for the bedroom you’re getting a softer, maybe a touch yellow, glowing lightbulb. My favorite is the 9 Watt LED in Soft White from Amazon. The lamplight at bedtime will be softer on your eyes for an easier transition into sleep time. The lighting in each room should reflect what the purpose is. Here, it is to help you wind down and get a good nights sleep so that you’ll be well rested to hit the gym and keep those New Years resolutions.



With this list of how to equip your home to survive winter, with a few suggestions of where to find what you need, comes the question, why? Why is this important? Why does this matter? Well, as we said, keeping your resolutions is no joke. Why not try a few of these things to make it the year where you did it. You got through the twelve-week workout plan, or you at healthy for 2 months, or maybe just that you spent less money by staying in. Whatever it is, I hope these help you reach those goals, but even more, I hope it helps to make your home even more comfortable and pleasant!


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