From the napkins you to choose to the way you portray the menu, every little detail of an event is important. Olivia’s vast experience with events of all sizes has allowed to her to learn the ins and outs of how to make an events atmosphere, aesthetic, and landscape come to life. Her eye for design helps to bring a certain sense of creativity to each event.


Event Styling Services by Whitewood Studios:

⋅  Escort Card Installations

⋅  Tablescapes

⋅  Rental Needs

⋅  Floral

⋅  Bar Decor

⋅  Food Table Decor

⋅  Signage + Graphic Design


You might be thinking, why not just call it event planning?

Event planning will take you throughout the entirety of your event, facilitating and being present at the event itself, planning every detail and ensuring that the plan is carried out.




Consulting is different.

Consulting is more of an advice Q&A. Our clients consult with Olivia on what they should do based on her expertise. They can ask questions, and certainly ask for help on situating those things. This service is meant for smaller events within the home or if there is an event planner/venue coordinator already helping but the host would like an outside perspective.


To avoid confusion, it is important to the WWS teamthat the difference between the two is understood.