Decorating Small Spaces, Best Places to Shop

decorating small spaces, the best places to shop

decorating small spaces, the best places to shop

decorating small spaces, the best places to shop


Home Inspo for Decorating Small Spaces

I’m back with some home inspiration for you all! I figured it’s been a while and that’s the root of this blog so I thought I’d share some of my favorite places to shop for decorating small spaces in your home. Our house is seemingly super spacious because it’s definitely minimal in decor, it’s all white (therefore makes things brighter and bigger), and of course the open floor plan on the first floor. However, the goal– and Joe did a fantastic job when redesigning the layout and structure– of the house was to avoid having any dead or wasted space.

I thought this post could be useful because yes, we have a full house but bigger furniture fills it up fast, and I’ve also spent years trying decorating small spaces in Apartments. I also think if you get clever with what you’re buying you can both save and utilize dead space!

We (finally) received our “drink tables” for the small sitting area in front of the fireplace. They are fabulous (also genius, bravo West Elm) and perfect for what we were going for in that space. It’s dead center in the middle of our first floor so being able to keep the flow while making sure it was user-friendly was important. This gave me the idea to do a round-up of my favorite places to shop for decorating small spaces.



West Elm


As I mentioned, we got our drink tables from West Elm and they really are the perfect solution. Once you put your feet up who wants to keep bending towards the coffee table to grab their drink?! They are small enough to stay out in tight areas but also easily movable.



I love that West Elm gives you alternate options that aren’t the same piece in a different color. I tried to link versatile options for each type of item. These small-item entryway storage shelves are so cute and necessary!



Are these not some of the most beautiful baskets ever?! They make sure there are options for great space-saving solutions such as “under the bed” sized and “console” sized, some with lids for stacking, and of course these beautiful hanging ones. The options are endless!



West Elm’s modern, minimal style is great because even their larger furniture pieces work well in smaller spaces. The clean lines and aesthetic don’t feel like they’ll clog up tighter areas, or really any areas. With smaller dining table options they are a great go-to for apartment renters.





Anthropologie is magnificent. Or, magical. I can never decide which word describes this retailer best? Anyways, these shelf mirror combos are beautiful, sleek and a dream for decorating for small spaces. Who needs a bulky medicine cabinet when you can have a vanity mirror like these? I wish we did a “shelf mirror” of some sort in our powder bath!



I call these the all-in-ones. Hanging shelves like these are fantastic for small spaces because of the various uses and items you can hang/put/store on them. Just make sure you are hanging these kinds of shelves correctly and reinforce them. Hanging storage is great until it’s too much storage (and weight) for the shelf!



Decorating small spaces became a whole lot easier when the wine-rack, glass rack combo was invented, am I right?! Storage for wine and glassware is now a must, no matter the size of your home. If you’re lacking in the cabinet or shelf space, you can put this anywhere on the walls and it would make beautiful “wall art”… I swear it’d work even in the bathroom…



Would you expect anything less from Anthropologie with these beautiful lap trays? They are great for small spaces because if seating is limited you or your guests can still eat comfortably in the living room or even outside. Lap tables are great desks if you don’t have that spare room for an office or desk. They work as under-bed storage, and even make-shift coffee tables.


Urban Outfitters


I think Urban Outfitters home collection is an apartment dwellers dream. Yes, their furniture and decor is beautiful in any light, bright and airy space, but decorating small spaces seems to be the forte. Not only are there multiple uses, but the shape is also always space-saving and the piece itself goes well in any room. For example, the storage mirror. I don’t really need to say much more.



The cutest kitchen islands are from UO! So are the best TV consoles! And storage shelves! Oh, wait, they are all the same thing at Urban Outfitters… I mean find a better piece for decorating small spaces?!



These wall mounted desks stole my freakin’ heart! I am such a desk person. Sitting at the dining room table or counter just doesn’t do it for me. These are the perfect solution to have a personal office in any sized living space.


Anything rolling is a great space saver. Urban Outfitters is the rolling-anything Queen. There’s always a perfect piece for that specific spot that could use some storage but maybe you don’t want it permanent or it’s somewhat awkward. From rolling carts to rolling tables, Urban’s got you covered.



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    she_blogs said:

    just found your blog. we recently moved and wanted to decorate the place so thank you very much for this post. These are super space savers !! and would go well with my moms acacia kitchenware collection.