Traveling, it’s beautiful, creative, and is a huge part of the designed lifestyle too. You have to plan to travel, from what you’ll wear, how you’ll get there, where you’ll stay and what sights and photo-opts you want to stop for along the way. Being creative with your travels allows you to get the most out of every experience.

The way you travel is a process. Planning guides, and the biggest travel tips, equipment and suggestions will be in this section. Traveling often teaches you a lot. Plus, you learn something new for every place you go.

The planning process itself is the biggest part about going somewhere. Budgeting, figuring out where to stay, and designing an itinerary are all key. Olivia travels as much as she can, and it’s a big part of her life so why not share it within her lifestyle blog.

There is one key thing she has learned from adulting: never stop exploring, taking time for yourself.

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