The renovation process behind a complete home redesign is a grueling but satisfying one. Everything that happened before, during and after is a process where you have to think ahead and plan. It can be one room or an entire house, all at once or piece by piece. It’s important to know what you are getting yourself into, what you plan to do, and what to expect when things don’t go as planned.

From a complete gut through construction, to the final design of an entire 1880 Victorian house in Buffalo, NY. Content about how plans were developed for electrical, plumbing, and architecture. The process all the way through.

Home Style and Design
Then there is the process of designing their future first house, which also just happens to be a complete renovation on an 1880’s Victorian. Taking on all elements of the home design process; flooring, tiling, hardware, lighting, paint colors, trim, you name it.

Olivia’s style has always been a relaxed, somewhat trendy, clean but lived-in style. She keeps up with trends but understands when it’s appropriate to use them. She appreciates risk but loves classic and traditional. For Olivia, it’s about doing what she likes and what will work together, meanwhile mixing styles. She named her blog after this because white and wood can be very cohesive but very opposite, but still cohesive. They not only represent her favorite colors but her style as a whole.

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