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Black: The Unexpected Favorite Color of our Home Redesign

Why Black?

For someone who has a blog called “With White and Wood” this may come as a shocker. The color that I am talking about is a color I have never been so scared of, a color that allowed for clear compromise in a lot of ways, and the color I bet y’all never thought I’d use as much as we are. It is indeed black.

I know. Who am I? Where has Olivia gone? What has Joe done with the Olivia we all know? Is she dead in a ditch and currently her doppelganger has taken over all the design plans?

Nope. It’s me. I’m here and I can hardly believe it either.

I am actually so excited to use this intensely gallant, resolute color. I think it blends my rustic gone modern style. It will break up the vast use of white. Most of all, it will give the house personality. …As I said, gallant.

Black: Kitchen Design Inspiration Black


The kitchen is going to feel like an old movie– lots of black and white. Though the majority of it is white, with the cupboards, countertops, backsplash, windows and paint, we wanted to break it up with black. I’m not a silver person so the hardware had to be something else, we chose black. We thought black grout against white tile in a herringbone pattern would look super cool and give the space some texture. I did a mockup in this post a while ago of what I picture the end product to be. Black stainless steel appliances are coming into their own, much nicer than the old style of black appliances. I want to die over our 36” custom black and brass range on order, I cannot wait to see that! Finally, the sink and faucets are going to the dark side too. Add in the wood floors, tweed or bamboo shades, fun bar stools, the space is going to feel clean, sharp and very old hollywood– color wise.


This is probably the most dynamic use of black we are doing. I mean, are we crazy painting the floor to ceiling, focal point of the whole downstairs, fairly dynamic fireplace black? Maybe. But it’s just paint right? I’m not saying much more on this because it’s going to be a big reveal when we add some other planned features. For now, that’s all I’m giving you.


As I went on about in this post, many of the light fixtures are going to be black. Black fixtures and hardware are in style but at the same time I feel like they won’t be going out of style any time soon. Not that I care because I genuinely like how black looks. It’s just nice to have a home that’s classic, timeless. I think black is taking a stand as the new generation we label “classic.”

Black: Master Bathroom Tile Inspiration

Master Bathroom Tile Inspiration

Master Bath

I haven’t revealed the mood board for this yet, so finally, a sneak peek at what’s to become of our master bathroom. Small black hexagon tiles in the shower, a black vanity, and black light fixture, along with chrome, wood and Carrara. It sounds, and seems, like a lot going on– but the tile is already being put in and it looks AWESOME. That’s all for now, mums the word on where what, and how on the rest.


If you have any questions about how I came up with everything, don’t hesitate to drop them in the comments below!!

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