Article Catch Week 6: Perfect Pink Palette Weekend Recap

perfect pink palette of bridal shower dresses

perfect pink palette of bridal shower dresses

perfect pink palette of bridal shower dresses


A Perfect Pink Palette

This weekend was full of so so many emotions! My best friend had her insanely beautiful, better than Pinterest, most fun ever Bridal Shower weekend. I wish I could describe how happy I am for her and her future hubby, and how blessed I feel to have her as a friend. She’s the most beautiful person inside and out so to celebrate her was pure joy. I can’t imagine the wedding day! Anyways, her mother and sister created the dreamy event, missing no details. My favorite part of all was the perfect pink palette of bridal shower dresses. It was so fun to see how well everyone went together in pictures! I took the time to enjoy the day but received so many messages about where all of our, but mostly her, beautiful Dress by Petersyn was from so I linked this weekend’s dresses for all the perfect pink palette bridal dress inspo.



Here are most of our shoes and accessories linked, including my barrette set (that’s only $9 on Amazon), and some possible earring options. Clearly, you can’t go wrong with nude and neutral to match all the bright pinks!


Now, if that doesn’t get you into the Spring spirit (despite our 40-degree temps around here) maybe the following links that I came across this past week will help.



24 Healthy Recipes to Make This Week—That Aren’t a Salad

I specifically loved this one because like I just said, it’s still on the cold side where I am. I know I want be eating healthy for Summer but I’m not someone who likes salad enough to find them appealing when I’m cold, when it’s cold. So, I plan on experimenting with all of these over the next few weeks while I patiently wait for the kind of weather that makes me desire salads.



The 3-Piece Classic Spring Outfit Formula We Love

“We” is the key word here. I love, love this go-to always and forever on trend outfit. It’s easy, it’s comfortable, and it’s a great transitional way to style yourself from winter to spring.



What You Must Know About All Your Planning

You are probably wondering what planning. So was I. Just read this article and you’ll be saying “ah ha” because it truly is talking about “planning” but it makes all the sense. I’m trying to take the advice this week and so far I’m feeling good!!



Marketing to Millennials: 5 Massive Trends That Are Leading the Way

Woah, if this doesn’t fit quite perfectly into this site… As a blogger and overall digital marketing lover I wish I could shout this article from the rooftops, or at least anyone who thinks influencers, brand partnerships through social media etc. is stupid.



20 Things You Need to Do Before Spring Is Over

I figure let’s wrap this article catch up with the most inspirational spring post of all the spring posts. Go out, enjoy the beautiful weather and flowers for me, because we don’t get too much Spring around here. We’ll pretty much jump right to summer in a few weeks so I’m going to cross off what I can!



Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Article Catch Week 6. I hope the Pretty Perfect Pink Palette of Bridal Shower Dresses and this week’s reads bring you all the happy spring feels! Or, at least helps you figure out what you’re wearing to next weekends bridal shower…….


Xx Liv


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