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Article Catch With White and Wood Blog

I was going through my emails this morning, jumping around to my favorite “morning” sites, reading various articles etc. Do you do this? It’s my favorite thing to do. I love exploring new trends, different discoveries, news and just all around lifestyle content first thing in my day. It’s a way of going through my emails (I subscribe to various resources) and it actually helps to get the blood in my brain going. I also get ideas and inspiration because of what I catch in these various reads. They end up being great resources or trendy finds from wellness to beauty, home and entertaining, everyday lifestyle, business tips, and tricks for any big life events. I like to call it, “Article Catch.”


Article Catch With White and Wood Blog

Article Catch With White and Wood Blog

Article Catch With White and Wood Blog  Article Catch With White and Wood Blog


Welcome to Article Catch.

I was thinking, I look at and read so many written pieces through the week, why not share my “Article Catch” process with you guys? I know and learn from the articles I find and that’s how I want my blog to be. A place where you can “article catch” as I call it, and use it as a resource. I feel like these articles are what make up my brain and facilitate my creativity, style, outlook, and day to day. Since I get asked so much already about “with-it” things, why not go right to the source? Because I could never share everything I soak in, I’ll simply pass you on and give credit to where I get it from? I think this could be great for you guys, really.

I plan to break the articles into three different “sections.” WELLNESS— everything that has to do with staying beautiful and at peace with your mind and body. DESIGN— all the articles that inspire me to physically create a more beautiful lifestyle. Basically, the resources on how to design a life you love. LIFESTYLE— anything from fashion to news to money to your horoscope. The miscellaneous section that still pertains to keeping on track while giving you all the other information you should know.

I’ll obviously be giving some of my own takeaways, what I found important, any purchases or creations that were inspired from each article. Basically a glimpse at how I “Article Catch” in the morning and how you can too.

So, without further ado, welcome to the weekly “Article Catch” blog post! 




This past week vibe was all about winter, with this crazy cold weather in most of the county (hi, it’s been a maximum of 15 degrees here) and how it seriously affects all aspects of life. From your skin to your home to your diet to your routine. I came across so many good reads about how to cope, and how to continue to function despite the conditions.




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