Apartment Farewell Tour: Welcome to Our 650 SqFt Humble Abode

As we get closer and closer to the finish line of the new house, I got to thinking about our apartment now. It’s a bit sad because I will actually miss it! Looking back after three years of (basically) living together in it, my how the place has changed.

Apartment Tour Living Space Sneak Peek

Apartment Tour Living Space Sneak Peek

Apartment Tour Living Space Sneak Peek

Living Room Apartment Tour



From Joe’s Bach Pad to Our First Apartment

The apartment itself is one of four in the whole house, which Joe owns. He rents the other three apartments out. You’d call the one we live in the “owner’s suite”. Back when we met it was definitely the farthest thing from the luxurious apartment you’d expect from that phrase. He actually put the effort in the other apartments before his own living space. It makes sense that he’d want to get the highest rent by making them as nice as possible but my belief was that he was a total bachelor who didn’t spend much time there nor cared what it looked like. He claims it’s because he’s a businessman and won’t live beyond his means. Thankfully, I could tell right away he does have a knack for design so there was hope…

As we started to spend more time there we wanted a more comfortable (nicer) space. Okay maybe that was mostly me. Anyways, both being “designers” or creatives in our own ways, we slowly redesigned and fixed the apartment, room by room.

Now, I use the verb “fixed” loosely because each room was different as to the extent that it was “fixed.” For example, the kitchen was a complete gut and redesign. Meanwhile, the bedroom got some paint. You’ve seen the closet in this post and that was a big install, while the shelves in our bathroom were an even bigger install.


Welcome and Stay Tuned

So, I thought it’d be fun to start a little apartment tour series. The apartment itself holds 3 years of memories and a foundation to not only our relationship (I know puking at the sappiness) but it’s where we realized our common passion for home and renovation and designing and now here we are with an entire house to redesign.

I wonder what comes next.

Cue Joe with the “don’t get any ideas” stare……….

Cue that sideways, sneaky faced emoji from over here.


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