Apartment Farewell Tour: The DIY Bedroom Project

I’m back with more of our Apartment, and yes the title says it all. It really is a DIY bedroom with the window headboard and a window seat for the bed’s legs. This clever use of small space allowed us to grab more, much needed space.

DIY Bedroom Apartment Tour Series

DIY Bedroom Apartment Tour Series DIY Bedroom Apartment Tour Series

DIY Bedroom Apartment Tour Series

DIY Bedroom Apartment Tour Series

Apartment Farewell Tour: The DIY Bedroom Project

Welcome to where all the magic happens!!! Just kidding. That’s what you’re supposed to joke about when you talk about the bedroom right? ….*crickets*….

Sorry mom, moving on.

This here is our bedroom or the small nook off the living room, which used to be the dining room, and therefore the nook is actually the old pantry. Yep, we sleep in the pantry. If I haven’t mentioned it before, the apartment is one of four that all together make up a big, grand old house that was built in 1880. So, they had all the small rooms unlike today’s world where everyone wants the kitchelivining room (explained in this post here).

Back to the pantry, er, I mean DIY bedroom with the window headboard.

Finding Space

Since it is such a small space, it is tight. When I first “moved in,” and I say that lightly because I basically lived there for a year before making it official (Joe jokes that I came over one day and never left) it was laid out differently. The headboard was up to the left wall so when you walked in you immediately hit the awkward sideways bed. There was only room for the bed and two nightstands. We needed storage for all my stuff, my crap, my things, so we got to thinking where and how we can add in a dresser or drawers or some sort.

The DIY Bedroom

Surprise surprise, once again, Joe’s handy-dandy skills came in well, handy. Hence, the bedroom with the window headboard. The window seat became the front legs and the windows are now what we rest against sitting up in bed. To be honest, it’s so much better.

Joe cut the legs off of a steel frame bed that he already had. By putting two furniture pads to protect the window seat from getting scuffed the bed actually doesn’t move at all. The plastic sort of sticks and it’s very very stuck in one place. He measured what he needed to cut based on the lifts being on the legs. Not only did we need to lift the bed to be on the window seat but also to be able to fit two IKEA dressers underneath. I’m not kidding when I say this bed is sturdy (good work Joe).

We now put our extra luggage, bags, laundry baskets and more underneath. We did a fresh coat of paint and the DIY Bedroom/Pantry looks so much bigger! The windows are such a cool feature why not use them as the centerpiece headboard right? We use the edge of the window seat as our “night stand” and use the old nightstands for jewelry, pillows, and now my printer and some design supplies (oops).

The amount of crappola we now fit in this room has grown immensely and it’s so great!!

It works out even better for the next tenant too. Joe plans to rent it furnished and with this custom bed it makes sense! Knowing they can put clothes in their bedroom and the closet is appealing. The bigger a room seems, the better. P.S. it’s so nice to listen to the rain at night. It really is cozy. NOW SOMEBODY RENT OUR APARTMENT. (Had to throw in that little plug.)

Or, just comment on what you think… Weird or kinda cool? Like, who actually uses window seats… or headboards…

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