Apartment Farewell Tour: DIY Industrial Shelves + The Bathroom

I always say this, but I think it’s so crazy how your mind will forget what a space was like before a renovation. I keep saying I can’t even remember the house a month ago, let alone our bathroom in our current apartment that we renovated about two years ago now. We gave it a complete makeover, complete with DIY industrial shelves. It really was a drastic change and I can’t seem to envision the original. But, it’s fine because from what I remember, I don’t want to remember.

DIY industrial shelves bathroom farewell apartment tourDIY industrial shelves bathroom farewell apartment tourDIY industrial shelves bathroom farewell apartment tourDIY industrial shelves bathroom farewell apartment tourDIY industrial shelves bathroom farewell apartment tourBathroom Farewell Apartment TourBathroom Farewell Apartment TourDIY industrial shelves bathroom farewell apartment tour

Today we will just talk about the current situation.

The Bathroom Renovation from another Lifetime

Honestly, I don’t know who I was back then. Lost in a world full of color that’s for sure. The rose gold tile with tans and browns and grayish browns and chrome and, like seriously, no white. I’m not saying I hate it, it’s a very nice bathroom actually, I’m just saying I would never choose it again. It’s so funny how design preference changes so drastically. What was trendy yesterday is certainly not trendy today. What can you do right?

I can do no such thing in a bathroom again, is what I can do.

It’s like almost every inch is opposite of what I’d choose now. We kept the floor but picked out three different colors (ew) of paint. Also picked out tile with three different colors amongst them (what). Dark cabinets (nope) and the light fixtures seem vintage (not cute) now. Don’t get me wrong people, it’s all very nice, it’s just so not my style anymore! My blog is With White and Wood for heaven’s sake. I’ve always liked white, but why is there hardly any white in this apartment?!?! Sometimes I think I knew in the back of my head this is where I got my chance to be bolder, have more fun, because we wouldn’t be here forever.

DIY Industrial Shelves

Anyways, back to the bathroom. The coolest feature, that I actually do wish we could take with us is the DIY industrial shelves Joe built in the bathroom. They are so sturdy, so beautiful and I love how they give the bathroom a less traditional, more rustic and industrial feel. They are so much better than basic floating shelves and actually gave us soo much extra space.

I’m going to let him take over here and explain his process and how he came up with the idea!

Joe, Welcome to the Show

Me: “What did you use for the DIY industrial shelves in the bathroom?”

Joe: “Black iron pipe and 2×10 red oak slabs.”

Me: “You designed the shelves first by sketching them, remember? What made you come up with the design?”

Joe: “I got ideas from the internet and then measured and modified to fit it on that wall.”

Me: “What were the steps?”

Joe: “First, I cut the wood slabs, then stained it. The pipes come available in different sizes so I based the dimensions and distance between each shelf off of that. It’s a combination of pipe nipples, elbows, tees and flanges.

When the manufacturer cuts the pipes they use oil so you have to be careful if they are greasy. Wipe them off if they are. Remember we had to take the stickers off so you used the goo-gone and a microfiber to remove them.”

Me: “Yes and we needed a lot of space to lay them out and do that. Then what?”

Joe: “I built it all togetherĀ and then screwed them into the wall. Then you simply just place the wood pieces on each part and they sit. They aren’t attached in any way.”

Me: “And that was it?

Joe: “Yes but it’s not the easiest thing in the world to work with pipes so use youtube to research!”

Me: “Next time I need you to explain something will you just write it yourself?”

Joe: “Maybe.”

Okay then.

Well, Voila! Our bathroom shelving. Best I could get from the designer himself…. Hope it helps and maybe gets you thinking on some fun DIY ideas for your bathroom. I wish we had room in our new master bath to do DIY industrial shelves again but doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

What fun DIY’s have you done in your home? I loooove a good home project! Tell me below!

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