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I AM SO SORRY. Not that I have a ton of followers or readers or whatever you are supposed to call blog-clickers but I have taken a serious hiatus the last few weeks from this thing I started. But I’m bringing back the blog with drinks! Margaritas to be exact. My Mom’s are the best in the world, and I’m not even biased, I would put them up against any restaurant’s out there.

I have these pics from Mother’s Day, thanks to my darling sister and cousin, and they are TOO CUTE. My mother– and if you know me or my family you are already aware– makes the best, most delicious, most perfect (not exaggerating and still don’t quite understand how she does it) margaritas. My friends will randomly be like “I could use one of your mom’s margaritas right now…” and I’m just like SAME.

I remember a pitcher in the fridge at all times since forever. If it got low, mom would whip up more. I’m not calling her a drunk like she has to have one or ten every day or anything like that. Tequila is the only hard alcohol she drinks, and it has to be in the form of a Margarita, she just loves them.

And now so do I.

Anyways, this was the Margarita timeline in our house…

One time, when my little sister was like 7 years old she had her friend over to play during the summer. They were hot and therefore thirsty. They wandered into the kitchen, mosied around in the fridge and ended up chugging what they THOUGHT was lemonade. From here on after you knew the margarita pitcher was the one with the sticky note that had a skull and crossbones drawn on it. Mom drew it herself one minute after she hung up the phone apologizing for letting another seven-year-old ingest alcohol (aka poison according to her sticky) on her watch.

That’s a story we’ll all never stop telling.

Then, when us three girls all hit the age where we were steadily sneaking alcohol out of the house the pitcher just disappeared altogether. So did the “makings” in the cupboard. It became a made to order specialty for company or if we were hanging’ by the pool. We were only allowed to have it with mom for a while…

Finally, we are all of age. Now I will text my mom multiple times through the summer: “What’s your marg recipe” or “Need your marg recipe” or even just “is it 2 parts tequila 1 part triple sec?” Either way, I really only want to make hers. Y’all know I love Pinterest but there’s something about making this family recipe. HAHA, I just laughed out loud because it’s the simplest recipe but somehow it tastes way better than any of them and by no means anything super secret. But, what makes the difference is the tricks she uses to make them OH SO GOOD.

So I texted Chris for her written version and this is what I got:


“1/2 cup Triple Sec

1 1/2 cups Tequila

One can frozen lime concentrate,

then fill a pitcher with water.

It may be a little more alcohol – just keep it 3 tequilas to 1 triple sec.  Comprende?” 

Yes, she said Comprende. Can you tell she eyeballs it… This is why no matter what I do it’s just not perfection.

But I swear I’m pretty damn close, and that’s because I also have the tricks she failed to mention. I swear they are the keys to the kingdom in this case.


Use a fresh cut lime wedge to rim the glass – not water or simple syrup!

Use large, chunky sea salt to garnish the rim – not fine, iodized salt.

Squeeze the rest of the lime wedge into the empty glass and Mom will usually toss the squeezed wedge peel in too (I follow suit).

Then add 3-4 refrigerator type or just “nicer” ice cubes.

Pour yourself a drink!!!


Make sure to let your frozen lime concentrate thaw out

Do not use orange juice – I find this to be a sin

You can replace the frozen lime concentrate with a lime juice as we did on Mother’s Day- try to find something as natural and close to freshly squeezed lime as possible

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