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4th of July Swimwear, Outfit Inspo + More

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4th of july outfit roundup

Around here summer likes to arrive a little later than the rest of the country, but with the coming heat wave I think she’s finally arrived!! Personally, I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll take the projected 95 degrees any day. I don’t think she’s gonna be cooling down any time soon either. So, may your 4th of July be filled with sun, water, relaxation and fun.


Here are a few of my favorite swimsuits this year that would be perfect for the 4th. I love the high waist trend, but I have yet to try it. I think my favorite thing about swimsuits right now is that there is so much variation that is on trend. High, dramatic bottoms, one shoulder, cold shoulder, skinny straps, thick straps, it all looks SO GOOD. What’s your favorite style? Brand? Revolve is a never ending plethora of amazing swimwear, while ASOS absolutely crushed it this particular year (in my opinion).


I dare you to try out something you typically wouldn’t. Be sure to look out on my Instagram to see what I wear next week for the actual 4th of July.

4th of July Swimwear Roundup

If you’re not spending time on the water I also did a round up of a few outfits and pieces that will keep you cool no matter what you’re doing. Do you prefer shorts or a dress? I go back and forth. Be sure to act quick, next week is going to sneak up. The great part about these is they are all wearable after the 4th of July too.

4th of July Outfits


Shorts + Rompers


Shoes + Accessories

Of course, there’s more than just looking cute to make it a successfully, well designed day. I’ve also linked a few of the necessities just for getting through the day. I prefer to be fully prepared, and I’ll start planning, well, now. 

NOTE: Not featured are jello shots, margaritas (make my mom’s, their amazing!), and cheeseburgers.

Misc. Must Haves for the 4th



Few! So, what are you doing for the 4th? Drop it in the comments, I want to know your favorite must haves for a fun filled, perfect day. Can you tell it’s my favorite holiday of the year??!!

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