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Sale Shop Saturdays: 10 Summer Events and the Perfect Shoes to Wear from the Nordstrom Spring Sale

10 Summer Events and the Perfect Shoes

We just had TWO 65 degree days in a row and most of the country is probably much warmer but to us around here it’s EVERYTHING. It’s basically like our light at the end of the tunnel after winter in the North (sounds like GOT and it’s pretty much just as bad but no walking dead creatures so that’s a plus). Anyways, with Nordstrom’s Spring Sale still going on, my taxes back and a jam-packed summer on the horizon I had to do some serious shopping. While I did so I thought I’d pull my favorites for 10 summer events and the perfect shoes to wear to each one. Don’t wait because the sale doesn’t last much longer and it’s seriously amazing!!


10 Summer Events and the Perfect Shoes to Wear

Summer at the Office


Weekend at the Lake

The Wedding Date

Backyard Barbeque, Like the Kind You Should Look Cute For

Pool Day

The Bridesmaid

The Art Walk

Family Reunion


Friends Dinner


Patio Happy Hour





Abercrombie & Fitch

If you know me, you know that I NEVER stopped shopping at A&F. I’m a die-hard shopper for life. This weekends sale is incredible. It’s 50% off most of the store, which is crazy, but it’s also packed with the best transitional pieces while we (as in Northeasterners) wait for the awkward in-between winter/spring period to pass. You don’t want to know how much I ordered. I included a few things I already own and love too!





Up to 65% Off Sale.




An extra 50% their sale items.

I don’t always go to Anthropologie for clothes but this sale is too good. So cute and chic, plus the quality is the best you can get for these prices.



Now, I do always search for home decor at Anthro because it’s so unique. However, yes the price gets me so today would be an ideal day to go hard on the home department.





50% Off entire store.



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