Why Mackenzie Childs is the Brand that Brings People Together

  The Brand That Brings People Together If you haven’t heard of Mackenzie Childs, well, do you live under a rock? No offense of course. I just mean that, especially because of where I live, do I rarely find a soul who hasn’t heard of the cult-favorite, especially recognizable brand. The black and white checkers stand out in any home. The quality and care that goes into the products is uncomparable. They’ve thought of everything you ever need in a home and have put their finesse, traits, and style on them so that they would never be mistaken for anything…

Why I Started Using The Ordinary Skincare

This post could get extensive. There is so much to say about this brand, the products, the company, etc. So, I figured the best way to explain would be all of the reasons that made me start solely using their line of products and all of the reasons one year later I can’t imagine not using them. If you follow my Instagram you’ve seen that I post stories of the pretty little bottles regularly. This is simply because they are a brand I’m obsessed with and want to get the word out about because of the dramatic change it has…

8 Cozy Home Decor Ideas for Winter

  It’s about that time again folks. The leaves are falling (fast) and the daily temperature even faster. With our first snowfall this week and a “record-breaking arctic blast” ahead I bring you my list of 8 cozy home decor ideas for winter that I try to implement every year. I say take the bull by the horns, get ahead but also make it a positive thing. If you’re like me bringing in some new home decor pieces is always a good time. So, pull your quilts out of storage and get your home feeling cute and cozy for the…

How to Sunday Funday For the Girls (FTG)

Every year at the end of August I’m like, wow WHY the HELL does Summer have to end?!? It always goes by in the blink of an eye!! Then, every year I remember how freaking lucky we are to have a fall. This year has been nothing short of a beautiful one up here in Western New York. From football to pumpkins to beautiful colors on the trees and ideal temperatures, what a blast the last month/month and a half have been. I owe most of that fun to my GIRLS. They are beautiful, adventurous, talented and together we’ve tried…

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Mixing Styles of Interior Design, My Top 5 Tips

As a designer, I pretty much have to appreciate everything. Naturally, I like some styles, some artists, some designers more than others but in my eyes, it really is all beautiful. I think a true talent comes from the ability to mix styles. Whether it’s…

Favorites for Fall


3 Ways to Style the Modern Boho Bedroom

Finally! Interior design is back on! I haven’t talked about it much, but yes, I have moved back to my home town of Rochester! I am now in the process of decorating the carriage house I now live in with my uber-talented (but feisty) interior designer of a sister. Surprisingly we vibe super well, have very similar tastes, and without even having to explain what we mean when describing the exact type, color and coffee table we need to find, the other one just gets it. Sister telepathy? Not sure, I just know that we are definitely cut from…

Falling for Fall – A Series

  If there’s one time of year where you and your besties can thrive, it’s right now. We have officially hit fall and with the changing weather and colored leaves comes all the fall activities. The finale of summer can be somewhat sad, even scary. It can even cause that downward spiral into seasonal depression disorder– which by the way is a very real thing unless you actively combat it. So, to get you all through the coming weeks of chillier temps and more gray skies, I’ve come up with the perfect guide to “Falling for Fall”. Now that we…

Cajun Refried Black Beans Recipe

Cajun Refried Black Beans I feel like I’ve been promising this one forever! I’m sorry for the wait, despite making it every single week I always forget to take pictures of my process. It’s extremely easy, and, like most of my recipes, it’s versatile because I don’t measure the spices and ingredients (for the most part). These cajun refried black beans are my go-to protein through the week. I eat them in tacos, as a dip, in lettuce wraps and by themselves. I’ve mentioned them multiple times on my Instagram and you guys were dying to know the recipe. So,…


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