3 Ways to Style the Modern Boho Bedroom

Finally! Interior design is back on! I haven’t talked about it much, but yes, I have moved back to my home town of Rochester! I am now in the process of decorating the carriage house I now live in with my uber-talented (but feisty) interior designer of a sister. Surprisingly we vibe super well, have very similar tastes, and without even having to explain what we mean when describing the exact type, color and coffee table we need to find, the other one just gets it. Sister telepathy? Not sure, I just know that we are definitely cut from…

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Mixing Styles of Interior Design, My Top 5 Tips

As a designer, I pretty much have to appreciate everything. Naturally, I like some styles, some artists, some designers more than others but in my eyes, it really is all beautiful. I think a true talent comes from the ability to mix styles. Whether it’s…

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Mix Up Your Summer Style with JORD Watches

  SHOP THE LOOK     Finding Your Summer Style with JORD Watches  * THIS POST WAS SPONSORED BY NATIONAL FUEL. WHILE I WAS COMPENSATED TO WRITE A POST ABOUT NATIONAL FUEL, ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN. #AD #SPONSORED   Finally, the warm weather has arrived for those of us in the Northeastern part of the United States. Memorial Day was beautiful, and summer is now fully upon us, along with the wearing of tank-tops, bright colors and lighter clothing. Through the winter I find myself bundled at all times. I pretty much let the skin on my face and…

10 Ways to Have a Weekend Getaway Without Actually Going Anywhere

  I was thinking with the upcoming long weekend for Memorial Day how I regret not booking a vacation or making bigger and better plans to seek out some ultra-fulfilling activity or adventure. Then I had a moment. Why can’t you still have a weekend getaway without actually going anywhere? It’s safe to say that “busy” and “always going” and “the never-ending to-do list” are all very much real, existing, everyday circumstances that prevent us from truly enjoying day-to-day life. It’s rare that we let ourselves, for fear of getting behind, stop and (literally) smell the roses. We don’t take…

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Hey all, Im Olivia! I believe in cultivating a modern lifestyle that works for the every day, through lifestyle tips and inspiring design.

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Decorating Small Spaces, Best Places to Shop

  Home Inspo for Decorating Small Spaces I’m back with some home inspiration for you all! I figured it’s been a while and that’s the root of this blog so I thought I’d share some of my favorite places to shop for decorating small spaces in your home. Our house is seemingly super spacious because it’s definitely minimal in decor, it’s all white (therefore makes things brighter and bigger), and of course the open floor plan on the first floor. However, the goal– and Joe did a fantastic job when redesigning the layout and structure– of the house was to…

5 Must Explore Neighborhoods in New Orleans

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Must Explore Neighborhoods in New Orleans From wild bachelor and bachelorette weekends to the more mellow family vacation or romantic getaway, New Orleans is proving to be one of the hottest tickets around. Lately it seems that someone you know or someone on your news feed as made their way into what is considered “the deep south” of Louisiana for some jazz music and gumbo. I’m finally here to share all about our trip and the must explore neighborhoods in New Orleans! I never knew NOLA had so many areas. I think most people picture…

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